Active Mast Function Controller

active mast function controller

Only Toyota Forklifts are equipped with SAS and the active mast function controller. REQUEST DEMO

“Our new Toyota forklifts have a fork level button. Can older forklift models be retrofit with this feature?”

Toyota Forklift SAS

The active mast function controller (AMC) was introduced by Toyota Forklift in 1999 as part of its System of Active Stability (SAS). With a push of a button, the AMC automatically levels forks. This feature is especially helpful when inserting or removing pallets. Level forks keep the product more stable and secure, reducing the risk of spillage or forklift tip-over.

While most new Toyota Forklifts come standard with SAS and the AMC, this feature is not one that can be retrofit to older forklift models.

Contact ProLift to speak to an equipment specialist about SAS and how it can reduce the likelihood of forklift tip-over, falling loads and personal injury.

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