Applying for a Forklift Technician Job Opening

forklift technician job opening

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The role of a forklift technician is vital to businesses that use forklifts to run their production, especially during times of an unexpected equipment breakdown. Working as a forklift technician can be overshadowed by the popularity of the automotive industry; however, the field continues to offer key benefits, including first-shift hours and higher average annual wages. Several forklift technicians also grow with the business to take on larger roles such as lead technician, service manager and field service supervisor.

Education Requirements

To meet the education requirements of a forklift technician, a high school diploma or GED equivalent is required. Graduating from a technical school specializing in automotive and diesel training is not required, but will help you to stand out from the crowd of applicants. Technical training may also place you at a higher level on the forklift technician matrix to earn a higher hourly wage and preference in having a role in the shop or on the road.

Hands-On Experience

At minimum, you should have hands-on experience working in the material handling, diesel or automotive industry and “turning wrenches”. When getting started, this experience can be gained at a technical school, diesel truck shop, automotive service shop or an oil change specialty shop such as Jiffy Lube and Valvoline.

Job Application & Interview

First impressions are important, not only during the face-to-face interview but also when completing the job application. Whether applying on paper or online, the application should be fully completed to provide an overview of past employers and job experience. This overview is an opportunity to highlight longer-term work experience that shows your stability and commitment. To prep for the interview, review the business website and perform online searches for related news articles. Having this knowledge of the company leads to insightful questions during the interview and shows the hiring manager you have a true interest in working with the business.

Problem Solving Skills

Stand out during your interview by providing examples of problem solving.  A business is interested to learn the steps personally taken by you troubleshoot an issue and how you come to an answer without becoming frustrated or discouraged. The most ideal examples detail how the customer was kept top of mind throughout the process.

Customer Service Commitment

As a forklift technician, you are the “face” of your employer and represent them to the customer. A commitment to customer service is vital. Being on-site at the customer’s facility, offering expert advice and getting the forklift back into production builds a strong relationship of trust between you and the customer, and creates assurance that you can handle future service needs.

Ready to apply for a forklift technician job opening? ProLift is hiring for service areas within Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. Learn more about our company, or submit your resume for a current opening!


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