Benefits of eCommerce Forklift Parts

e-commerce forklift parts

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As more of us shop online for products we need for home, we look for businesses that can do the same in the forklift and material handling industry. Forklift manufacturers, including Toyota Material Handling, have increased focus on technology and eCommerce forklift parts, and customers are embracing having information at their fingertips.

Benefits of Using eCommerce for Ordering Forklift Parts

Convenience. An online forklift parts catalog allows you to view and order parts at a time that works for you. With access available 24 hrs / day, even a third-shift team can order parts outside the forklift dealer’s normal business hours.

Visuals. When viewing eCommerce forklift parts, you are looking at the same online catalog used by the dealer. With one click, several electronic catalogs enlarge the picture of the forklift part which helps a forklift maintenance team verify the correct part is being ordered.

Tracking. Upon submitting an order, you receive a tracking number to track the forklift part’s movement and delivery. If a part is on back-order, you are notified and given an estimation for a fulfillment date.

Easy Payment. Orders for eCommerce forklift parts can be paid by credit card. A payment by credit card is advantageous if you do not have an active account or established credit with the dealer. The total cost of the order, including shipping, are also known upfront.

Accuracy. While the forklift manual delivered with the equipment is general, an online catalog is designed for your specific forklift model and serial number. You’ll be reviewing the exact build of your forklift and breakdown of the parts, eliminating guesswork and ordering errors. If you have an in-house forklift maintenance team with expert knowledge of common parts, eCommerce forklift parts guarantee they get the expected part, every time.

Expertise. If after reviewing the online catalog, you aren’t comfortable placing the order, the catalog supplies forklift parts numbers. This information is helpful when calling the forklift dealer and speaking to a parts specialist.

eCommerce for Toyota Forklift Parts

It is not necessary to have a login for the eCommerce forklift parts catalog when viewing Toyota forklift parts. A login is only required if you want to place an order. As the Toyota forklift dealer, ProLift will fulfill the parts order from our local inventory. However, if we don’t have what you need in stock, we will fulfill the order using Toyota’s parts inventory. Our goal is to provide you with consistent support and fast fulfillment.

In need of a forklift part? View the Toyota eCommerce forklift parts catalog or contact ProLift to speak with a parts specialist.

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