Determining the Right Size for a High Velocity Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Fan

hvls industrial fan

Regardless of the season, the HVLS industrial fan helps manage air flow and energy costs. REQUEST QUOTE

Our warehouse needs a fan, but a high velocity low speed (HVLS) industrial fan may be too big. How do I know what to install?

So often when you see manufacturer pictures of HVLS industrial fans, they are shown on a large scale. The pictures are impressive, showing up to 24 ft blades. However, operating within a smaller warehouse shouldn’t stop you from looking into this energy saving option. HVLS industrial fans have blades that range from 8 – 24 ft.

HVLS Industrial Fan Measurements

To determine the right fan size, consider how much space you have vertically as well as how much area the HVLS fan needs to cover. Important measurements include:

  • Interior Roof Height – floor to solid roof deck and floor to mount point
  • Interior Floor Space – length x width = area

Don’t worry about measurements & installation on your own! Contact ProLift to speak to a storage & handling specialist about HVLS industrial fans and which size is right for your warehouse.

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