Forklift Battery Charging Station Safety

forklift battery charging station

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When an electric forklift’s battery is approximately 80% discharged, it is an ideal time for the forklift operator to return the battery to the charging station. Because charging the forklift battery poses safety risks involving sulfuric acid, battery charging installations shall be located in areas designated for that purpose only and forklift battery charging station safety should be a priority.

Setting Up Your Forklift Battery Charging Station

In case of an emergency, your forklift battery charging station should have the following supplies and personal protective equipment:

  • Face shield, rubber gloves and body apron
  • Eye wash station, located within the charging area, that provides a minimum flush of fifteen minutes
  • Neutralizers for spilled electrolyte (i.e. soda ash or baking soda)
  • Approved fire protection
  • Protection from chargers being damaged by a forklift
  • Proper ventilation of fumes from gassing batteries

Prohibited Items

Additionally, smoking, open flames, sparks or electric arcs are prohibited in the charging area. Tools and other metal objects should also be kept away from the tops of uncovered batteries.

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