Forklift Clamp Attachment

forklift clamp attachment

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A forklift clamp attachment can enhance your daily production and is made for a variety of applications. The clamp attachment lifts and moves the product to place on the production line, or stacks it for future use.

Since most products moved by clamps are not on pallets, it’s important to review the design and fragility of the product being handled. Commonly used attachments include the bale clamp, recycling clamp, bulk box clamp, drum clamp and paper roll clamp.

Forklift Clamp Attachment Requirements & Considerations

Forklift Capacity

Clamp attachments are used on sit-down forklifts, classified by the industry as Class I, IV and V. The heavy weight of the clamp combined with the weight of the product will affect forklift capacity requirements and must be taken into consideration when selecting equipment. Forklift clamp attachments also move and turn product, which affects forklift stability. These factors de-rate forklift capacity and you may not be able to operate a clamp attachment on equipment currently in your fleet. A forklift dealer and its manufacturer can assist with calculating measurements and weights to help you determine the required forklift capacity.

Forklift Attachment Service

Like other forklift attachments, the clamp has several moving parts and regular service keeps it dependable. If you currently have forklift planned maintenance, talk to your forklift dealer about the current program to confirm if service for the clamp attachment is included or will incur an additional cost.

Forklift Name Plate

Because the clamp attachment will de-rate the forklift capacity, a forklift name plate, or data plate, must be issued that includes the details of the attachment. Forklift name plates can be ordered through your forklift dealer.

Removal of Clamp Attachment

A forklift clamp attachment can be taken on and off the forklift; however, determining if it’s a permanent or temporary structure is important to know at purchase. Because removal of the clamp attachment requires time and effort,  quick disconnects on the hydraulics are helpful when the attachment is temporary. An additional forklift name plate and storage area will also be needed.

Forklift Operator Training

When modifications are made to your forklift, such as adding an attachment, all operators must have refresher operator training. Forklift operators should be taught how to use the clamp attachment, perform a pre-shift inspection, understand the changes in stability, etc.

Whether a forklift or an attachment, having the right equipment for your application increases your productivity, reduces product damages, and keep your operators safe.

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