Remove Forklift Hazards with Forklift Pedestrian Awareness

forklift pedestrian awareness

Are your forklifts and pedestrians working in close proximity? Pedestrian awareness training helps every employee understand the importance of forklift safety. SCHEDULE TRAINING

Forklifts and pedestrians often work in close proximity. Fatal forklift accident statistics prove that pedestrians are getting:

  • Crushed between the forklift and an object
  • Crushed between two vehicles
  • Struck or run over

As a pedestrian in a forklift environment, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself safe. This is a key reason to train each pedestrian that works around heavy equipment in operation. Training develops individuals and increases their personal commitment to reduce, guard against and eliminate hazards.

Pedestrian Awareness Training for a Safer Workplace

Understanding the risks and hazards of the workplace will increase cautiousness and preventive measures taken by all employees at all levels of the organization. Pedestrian training should be conducted to educate each person to be visually and audibly alert, to approach a forklift from any side with caution and to understand forklift operator limitations. In addition, pedestrians in a work environment should be knowledgeable about:

  • How heavy is a forklift?
  • What is the forklift’s top speed?
  • How many feet does it take to stop a forklift?
  • Are there areas I should never walk into?
  • Can the load fall off the forklift?

Uncover Forklift Hazards

As the employer the key is to be proactive. Completing a walk-around of the company warehouse, as often as needed, allows the opportunity to find hazards and create solutions to reduce the chance of a forklift and pedestrian accident. It is also an outward sign to employees that the company is committed to the greater good a safer work environment.

ProLift can help you with forklift pedestrian awareness training! Contact our safety specialist to discuss available dates or learn more about our forklift and aerial training.