Industrial Mezzanines

industrial mezzanine

An industrial mezzanine optimizes the available space in your warehouse. REQUEST QUOTE

Industrial mezzanines add capacity for space and storage within a building. The free-standing, semi-permanent floor system works well with facilities having high ceilings, making it ideal for warehousing, distribution or manufacturing.

5 Common Uses of Industrial Mezzanines

  • Entry to a second floor modular office or observation deck utilizes unused vertical space while providing storage or working area under the structure
  • Storage of material provides organization and easy access to tools and materials inventory
  • Work platform gives access to equipment not readily accessible; able to hold large groups of people to perform light assembly
  • Catwalk reduces injury risks for pedestrian traffic
  • Watch towers provides shelter for employees outside the warehouse structure

Industrial Mezzanine Advantages

Industrial mezzanines are a quicker, less expensive alternative to permanent construction. The structure can be built in days and later dismantled for relocation. The solution is built to building specifications, including custom sizes, heights, stair systems and accessories.

Need a better storage solution for your warehouse? Our storage & handling specialists are available for on-site visits and industrial mezzanine quotes. 


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