Maximize Efficiency with Narrow Aisle Forklifts: Warehouse Planning and Design

Combilift forkliftAs businesses grow, it is important to find new methods of maximizing the number of pallet positions and warehouse storage space. This guide provided by ProLift Toyota Material Handling offers insight into how narrow aisle forklifts can be used and the advantages of selecting the right equipment for increasing storage capacity in the warehouse. 

Industries: Manufacturing, Distribution Centers and Cold Storage


Narrow aisle forklifts offer a great advantage in warehouse settings, as they are great for picking up products in storage racks and taking them to the desired area of the warehouse, be it to another part of the warehouse or the loading dock. This type of forklift also helps maximize the warehouse’s storage space by taking advantage of vertical space. Any situation that requires additional storage space can benefit from using a narrow aisle forklift.

Narrow Aisle Forklift Models, Capacities & Aisle Widths

ProLift has a wide selection of narrow aisle forklifts, including very narrow aisle models. By working with leading manufacturers, we are able to provide a variety of equipment to suit your needs. Visit our website to learn more about the various forklift models, their features, ergonomic benefits, performance, and safety.

Toyota Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Toyota Material Handling is a premier choice for their selection of reach trucks. They also provide stand-up electric forklifts and order pickers. The size of the aisles that each model can fit through will differ.

narrow aisle forklift

Combilift Narrow Aisle Forklift

The Combilift multi-directional forklift is perfect for handling bulky and lengthy items such as aluminum, building materials, concrete, containers, galvanized items, timber, plastic, steel, and warehouse products. It is especially useful for operations needing to work in tight spaces, as it has models that can fit in aisles as small as 96 inches wide.

Aisle-Master Very Narrow Aisle Forklift

This very narrow aisle forklift accomplishes the work of a reach truck and counterbalance forklift, helping you increase warehouse storage by up to 50%. Models of this forklift can fit in even the tightest of spaces, with a width requirement of just 66 inches.

Steinbock Turret Truck

This turret truck is designed to be able to move through very tight areas, providing a high level of efficiency for unit load handling and order picking.

ProLift’s New Equipment Guarantee covers each new forklift purchase. In the event you are unhappy with the equipment you purchased from ProLift after one year’s use, we will simply buy it back for the original purchase price less two thirds of our normal rental rate.

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Key Benefits of Narrow Aisle Forklifts

The utilization of narrow aisle forklifts provides companies with a cost-effective way to manage storage solutions. Expansion or relocation of a facility can become a financial burden, and leasing a facility may only be a temporary solution. Investing in narrow aisle forklifts is a more practical approach, as it increases the number of racking and pallet positions available. 

Trust ProLift for complete support with warehouse organization. Our experts are experienced in providing a one-stop-shop for pallet racking, forklifts, installation, and other warehouse solution needs. Book an on-site assessment today! 


Warehouse Planning

To create a successful warehouse plan, it is essential to correctly calculate the amount of pallet spots required, taking into account any potential increases in production. To achieve the highest level of efficiency, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of your business needs and warehouse storage so you can select the most suitable narrow aisle forklift.

ProLift provides solutions for warehouse planning by utilizing narrow aisle forklifts and pallet racking that work together to maximize efficiency. ProLift offers the following resources for pallet racking:

narrow aisle forklift

Ease of Maintenance

Many of our narrow aisle forklifts fall under the Toyota electric forklift product line. These electric forklifts are designed with AC power, providing a brushless, maintenance-free motor. Additionally, because it produces less heat than an IC forklift, the electric forklift is less vulnerable to accelerated wear and tear on major components caused by high temperatures. Click here for an electric forklift overview, including their benefits, safety features, and environmental impact. 

ProLift can assist your company with maintenance and service repairs. Learn more about our forklift maintenance programs. 

Narrow Aisle Forklift Safety

Forklift operators’ main priority is to move items onto and off racks, but the primary concern when it comes to narrow aisle forklift safety is their ability to properly attach and detach pallets. An overloaded forklift, especially when lifted, can result in tipping, potentially injuring employees, and damaging product or racking. Training staff to properly use the forklift and taking extra precautions to ensure safety can help reduce these risks.

Order Picker Safety

Forklift operators working in areas where they may need to be elevated must wear fall protection, such as a body harness, as mandated by federal regulations. Other important safety items for order pickers include safety glasses, shoes with good traction, brightly colored vests, and protective headgear.

If your goal is to promote safety, consider these features or options for your narrow aisle forklift:

  • Back-up alarms or strobe lights
  • High-vis overhead guard
  • Height and tilt indicators for fork alignment

ProLift provides training classes to assist you with narrow aisle forklift safety. Visit our website to learn more, or call ProLift at (800) 583-4023 to schedule training at your facility. 

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Prioritizing Ergonomics

Although it may seem difficult for a forklift operator to stay upright in a tight aisle forklift for long periods of time, it is actually beneficial for someone who is regularly getting on and off the vehicle. Furthermore, ergonomic improvements are consistently integrated into forklift designs, boasting enlarged cabs, cushioned flooring, and reduced-step access. 

When making your equipment selection, features and options are available to enhance forklift operator ergonomics, including: 

  • Cushioned or bubble-padded floorboard
  • Angled floorboard
  • Anti-rattle mast
  • Wire mesh mast guard

Narrow Aisle Forklift for Sale & Rental

ProLift offers a wide range of trustworthy narrow aisle and very narrow aisle forklifts for purchase and lease. Our inventory includes both new and used equipment, with flexible financing options at your disposal. Whether you need a narrow aisle forklift for a day, a week, a month, or a long-term project, our rental options can cater to your specific requirements. 

Complimentary Site Survey and Warehouse Layout

Ready to optimize your warehouse storage? ProLift’s proficient team of material handling experts is ready to provide a free site survey and warehouse design consultation. We’ll personally visit your facility, understand your application needs and review your existing forklift fleet. Our comprehensive assessment includes an overview of potential pallet positions, cost analysis per pallet position, and provision of detailed visual layouts and CAD drawings.

Do you already have a narrow aisle forklift in mind? Our equipment specialists are here to help. They can answer any questions you may have and provide a quote. Contact ProLift to connect with the specialist in your area!


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