Purchasing a Terminal Tractor

tico terminal tractor

Has your delivery schedule increased, or your facility has expanded? Learn how the TICO Pro-Spotter will make loading & unloading trailers more efficient. REQUEST QUOTE

A terminal tractor, also referred to as a spotter truck or yard truck, is used to move semi-trailers to and from the dock for loading and unloading. At start-up, a company may not move much product and have little need for a terminal tractor. However, growth changes the pace for deliveries or may result in property expansion.

Reasons to Invest in a Terminal Tractor

Purchasing a terminal tractor is a wise investment if your company is:

  • Experiencing a high number of deliveries, causing semi-truck drivers to sit and wait to drop off product
  • Using a semi-truck to move trailers to and from the dock
  • Hiring a contractor to move trailers, using a semi-truck or terminal tractor
  • Storing product at multiple locations, resulting in moving products between buildings

Why Choose a TICO Pro-Spotter?

As a user of terminal tractors, TICO builds theirs for today’s work environments. The TICO Pro-Spotter offers maintenance-friendly equipment designed to have fluids and the hour meter be accessible from the ground. The main components of the Pro-Spotter can be inspected and replaced with ease.

The focus on driver ergonomics resulted in TICO providing the largest standard cab on a terminal tractor. The design allows operators to keep a 3-point contact at all times and its air door prevents twisting that often results in back injuries. The TICO Pro-Spotter also has a thick lifting boom and provides the heaviest truck frame, ensuring durability during daily operation.

The History of TICO

When ProLift partnered with TICO, we were impressed by the history and innovation of their equipment. TICO built 1,200 terminal tractors for their use before deciding to sell one. As not only the manufacturer but user of the product, TICO brings a valuable perspective to equipment standard features.

Interested to add or replace a terminal tractor within your equipment fleet? Contact ProLift for a quote on a TICO Pro-Spotter, on- or off-road.

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