Seasonal Benefits to Installing HVLS Industrial Fans

hvls industrial fans

Install HVLS industrial fans for benefits with your warehouse environment all year while decreasing your energy costs. REQUEST QUOTE

Many people dread working in warehouse conditions that can be intolerable at times. Still today, many warehouses are operating with standard industrial fans that seem to be no match for Mother Nature’s extreme climate.

An energy efficient High Velocity Low Speed (HVLS) industrial fan offers a change in your warehouse.

Summer Cooling

The days of unbearable warehouse temperatures are of the past. HVLS industrial fans can improve the level of comfort in your building while lowering energy consumption by moving at lower speed. Large areas are provided with constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone; while ceiling fans are beneficial in humid weather, offering an efficient alternative to cooling environments where air conditioning is not feasible or unhealthy.

Winter Heating

HVLS industrial fans also improve warehouse conditions during the colder seasons by addressing the uneven floor to ceiling temperatures. The warm air given off by a heating system or other machines rises to the top of the building, making it difficult to heat your warehouse efficiently. By installing a HVLS industrial fan, the heat given off is no longer stationery but forced down and evenly circulated to disperse the heat throughout the warehouse. As a result, hot and cold spots are eliminated.

The design and technology used in developing HVLS industrial fans offer multiple benefits and reasons to invest:

  • A variety of fan options for buildings with overhead obstructions
  • Energy efficiency leading to lower energy costs
  • Operation on 1-2 HP
  • Variable frequency drive provides soft start and full variable speed orientation
  • Airflow is non-disruptive

Just as important is the effect an HVLS industrial fan installation will have on your productivity. A well heated or cooled warehouse, contingent upon the weather condition, allows for employees to be more productive. An increase to productivity plus decreased energy cost equals a great return on investment.

Interested to install a HVLS industrial fan in your warehouse? Request a quote from a storage & handling specialist! ProLift offers a variety of energy saving products for your warehouse.