Single Reach Truck versus Double Reach Truck

double reach truck

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Our company has narrow aisles and will be investing in a Reach Truck for its ease of use in smaller faces. Why would I select a Double Reach Truck over a Single Reach Truck?

If you have an opportunity to create a pallet racking configuration that places (2) racks back-to-back, without an aisle in between, the design increases your storage density. The Double Reach Truck allows deeper access into the racking system, letting a forklift operator load / unload static pallets on both racks. This is often referred to as “2 deep” or “double deep” storage.

Common Applications

Double Reach Trucks are commonly used in factory, food processing and general warehousing industries. Common applications are cold storage and warehousing.

Interested in a Double Reach Truck? Toyota Forklift’s latest model boasts faster reach capacity and a lower cost of ownership. Contact a ProLift equipment consultant for an on-site visit and complimentary site survey. Or, learn more Reach Truck specs and options.

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