forklift oil leak

Forklift Oil Leaks

Are you spotting forklift oil on the warehouse floor? Or, is forklift oil being replenished every two weeks to manage a leak? Forklift oil leaks are bothersome and depending on the source of a forklift oil leak, the repair can be expensive. If the leak isn’t resolved easily with a hose or O-ring replacement, the issue […]

forklift maintenance

Forklift Maintenance Programs: Guaranteed vs Planned Maintenance

After investing in a new or used forklift, consideration should be made to enhancing the asset’s life through regular forklift maintenance. The two most common options are guaranteed maintenance and planned maintenance. With both programs, experienced technicians will catch potential problems early, helping you avoid safety issues, costly breakdowns and hours of lost productivity. The servicing […]

forklift service technician

Dispatching a Forklift Service Technician

Our forklift broke down and I’m not sure why. What should I expect if I agree to a forklift repair and have a technician dispatched to our facility? When your forklift breaks down, several questions arise – Why did the forklift stop running? How long will the forklift be down? How much is the forklift […]

forklift breakdown

Forklift Breakdown and Emergency Service

Forklift downtime can bring negative consequences to several areas of your business. While there isn’t a formula to calculate a money loss, you may experience these unplanned expenses during a forklift breakdown. Cost of the forklift operator (hourly + benefits) If operating the forklift is your employee’s main job, the employee may be assigned to […]

forklift cost of ownership

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Forklift?

As service invoices stack up for your used forklift, it may be time to consider forklift replacement. To determine if the service costs are reasonable and easily explained, follow these best practices. Forklift Cost Per Hour Many companies struggle to justify the purchase of a new forklift because the current one is paid in full. […]