Tips and Tools for Loading and Off-Loading Product on Pallet Racking

loading and off loading product on pallet racking

During a hands-on evaluation, operators should practice loading and off-loading product on pallet racking. Contact ProLift to schedule your operators for safety training! SCHEDULE TRAINING

When a forklift operator’s visibility is compromised by the mast, product or pallet racking, it can lead to pallet rack damage. Tools are available to assist operators, but before making an investment, it is beneficial to review the basics for loading and off-loading product on pallet racking.

Pallet Racking Load Dimensions

Is your product too large for the space? The lack of height and width space is the cause of most racking issues and because load dimensions can change, it’s a good practice to take periodic measurements. Use these guidelines for the best fit:

  • Allow 6” from the top of the load to the bottom of the above shelf
  • Allow 4” for each side of the load, whether it’s next to another pallet or racking upright
  • When two loads sit next to each other, your measurements between them will be 8”

Forklift Operator Training

Operator training and reinforcement of safe driving assists with loading & off-loading challenges. Operators having experience using the forklift in the work area is helpful, but experience alone does not always yield the best results. However, combining hands-on experience with consistent training will result in decreased damage to your product and pallet racking.

Forklift Tools & Accessories

Giving your forklift operators access to tools that assist with loading and off-loading on pallet racking will further enhancement your commitment to safer operation. Today’s tools offer information about the forklift’s forks such as a fork angle, fork tilt level and fork height. Fork guidance systems are also available.

Have you spotted damage to your pallet racking due to loading & off-loading product? Contact ProLift to schedule a forklift safety class or inquire about available tools.

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