Toyota Paper Roll Handling Forklift

toyota paper roll forklift

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The paper roll handling application is one of the most demanding and rugged applications for a forklift. As a result, the paper industry has been forced to cope with forklift issues such as:

  • Overheating
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Poor roll clamp operation
  • Product & equipment damage
  • Equipment downtime
  • Operator fatigue

Sound familiar? It’s time to consider more than the paper roll clamp attachment and begin thinking about the forklift! In response to these issues, Toyota has engineered a mix of standard and optional features to enhance the comfort, productivity and reliability of your paper roll handling forklift.

Higher capacity

With a heavier counterweight for holding capacity and a well-positioned mast, your operator isn’t limited by a lower lifting height.

Expert partnership

Toyota partnered with Cascade Corporation, a top manufacturer of forklift attachments, to bring customer needs and challenges to the table for both the equipment and attachment. Cascade’s expertise offers various configurations of the paper roll clamp and the attachment is installed accurately onsite during the forklift’s build at Toyota.

Improve fuel economy

The forklift’s #8 hydraulic hosing (1/2” inside diameter) allows appropriate flow of oil to the clamp, an important feature to decrease overheating. Damage to the hose reels is eliminated by mounting the hosing inside the mast channel.

Reduce product damage

Paper rolls are large items to maneuver. Clamp attachments are made to grab the product, roll and travel with the load and later stack the roll at its final destination. The Automatic Clamp-Leveling feature allows the operator to level the paper roll clamp with the touch of a button, resulting in decreased paper roll scuffing and end damage.

System of Active Stability (SAS)

Exclusive to Toyota, your paper roll handling forklift is equipped with SAS. The system actively monitors and controls the movements of your lift truck to avoid tip-over during an unsafe condition.

Are you experiencing overheating and higher maintenance costs because of your paper roll application? Contact ProLift to speak with an equipment specialist about Toyota’s paper roll handling forklift!

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