Used Forklift Safety

used forklift safety

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I’m purchasing a used forklift. How do I ensure it’s in safe working condition?  

You’ll find several sources promoting used forklifts both locally and online. Each source has their own standards for reconditioning forklifts, making it important the evaluation and/or repairs are transparent.

Used Forklift Safety Checklist

At a minimum, ProLift guarantees our used forklifts and their safety items have been evaluated. In addition to testing the proper function of the forklift’s engine and transmission and looking for leaks, our safety checklist includes (14) areas:

  • Battery cables & connectors
  • Horn operation
  • Safety decals & data tags
  • Operator presence seating system (OPSS)
  • Seat belt
  • Backup alarm & light operation, where applicable
  • Counterweight bolts
  • Operator manual
  • Seat switch
  • System of Active Stability (SAS), where applicable
  • Brakes
  • Chains
  • Forks
  • Lubrication of grease fittings

Is your used forklift safe? Call ProLift for onsite planned maintenance or a replacement part. We service all makes and models of forklifts!

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