push pull forklift attachment

The Basics of Forklift Attachments

Sometimes a pair of forks doesn’t work for the load you need to handle on a forklift. For these loads, a forklift attachment adds flexibility. Attachments are designed by category; however, the options within each category can be extensive. Selecting a Forklift Attachment How do you want to handle the load? What is the weight […]

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When using a forklift attachment, don’t forget to update your forklift data tag to reflect accurate capacities. Not only is it required by federal law, it keeps your forklift operators aware of tip-over risks.

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Forklift Attachment Compatibility

When a forklift uses an attachment instead of forks, it changes how your forklift runs which makes it important to gain additional information from your equipment consultant. Learn the 3 areas that need to be considered for the forklift and its attachment to be compatible.

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