New Equipment Guarantee

In the event you are unhappy with the equipment you purchased from ProLift after one year’s use, we will simply buy it back for the original purchase price less two thirds of our normal rental rate.

Toyota Order Picker

The Toyota Order Picker easily maneuvers in narrow aisles with minimized rack impact thanks to optional wire guidance and double rail guidance systems.  You’ll also drive to optimal efficiency with optional Lift Logic technology that continuously monitors lift height, allowing for optimized travel speed at various lift heights while still maintaining safe operation.

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order picking

Order Picking Technologies, Storage and Equipment

Order picking, also known as order fulfillment, is the process of collecting, packaging and preparing items for shipment to the customer. Anything that moves out of the door of a warehouse or distribution center has to be picked – whether the order is for 20 pallets loaded onto a truck or 2,000 individual items (SKUs) […]

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Very Narrow Aisle Forklifts

If an order picker isn’t meeting your requirements for aisle width, ProLift also has a Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) forklift. The Aisle-Master can operate in aisles as narrow as 66″ and increase your warehouse store by 50%.


Adding or replacing equipment?

ProLift helps our customers find the right forklift, both new and used. By visiting your facility, our equipment specialists gain first-hand knowledge of your production, the product you move, and challenges experienced by your forklift operators.

We can even help with financing options to ensure you’re comfortable with your long-term investment.

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Automated Warehouse Picking Technology

Boosting your order-picking operations with automated warehouse picking technology can help your associates more efficiently sort and pack orders.

Pick to Light and Put to Light technologies use a series of light signals to direct associates on product quantities to be put in or picked from a container.

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ProLift Pro-tip: integrate warehouse picking technology and warehouse inventory control software for a paperless operation.

Female worker in a navy blue shirt uses a pick to light system to determine the quantity of product to be pulled from a picking location.