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Forklifts and LP Gas Storage

A large percentage of forklifts operated in the U.S. are fueled by LP, also known as liquefied petroleum. LP gas is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases, primarily propane and butane. One gallon of LP gas is equivalent to 270 gallons of vapor; therefore, an 8 gallon cylinder of LP gas has a capacity of […]

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Forklift Oil Selection

Your forklift oil selection when performing maintenance will depend greatly on its engine design. A standard sit-down counterbalance forklift may use 5W-30 or 10W-40 while diesel units require oil with additional additives. Forklift Oil Viscosity The first number of the forklift oil description describes its viscosity at lower temperatures. The second number relates to the […]

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Safety Tips for Your Forklift Forks

As a forklift dealer, ProLift receives questions regarding forks and how to maintain safe forklift operation. Common questions include: We are planning to drill a hole in our forklift’s forks to install a chain that will help us move our product. What are the guidelines for modifying forks? Forks that have been altered without the […]

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Do You Have the Right Forks On Your Forklift?

There’s nothing standard about a pair of forklift forks. They are a key component to your forklift and not having the right type puts your product and employees at risk. If your company frequently switches forks or purchased the forklift secondhand, you may be at higher risk for having forks that aren’t compatible. Forklift Forks […]

ProLift Releases New Logo & Dealer Branding Plans

In an effort to improve and standardize the customer experience across North America, Toyota Material Handling (TMH) has begun to move the dealer network toward a similar feel and look. The goal is for customers and prospects to recognize a TMH dealer by its signage, marketing, building layouts, websites, etc. Just as important is connecting […]

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Choosing a Forklift Dealer versus a Rental House for Your Rental Needs

Forklift rental is a common practice for the manufacturing industry. While partnering with a forklift rental dealer is an option for our customers, we understand ProLift Toyota Material Handling isn’t the only option. Because of the variety of offered equipment, the lure of using a large rental house is strong. Forklift Rental: Right Equipment For […]


Forklift Hydraulics: Types of Cylinders

There are at least three cylinders used on a forklift: lift cylinder, tilt cylinder and the power steering cylinder. Forklift Hydraulics: Lift Cylinder The lift cylinder(s) accepts the largest volume of fluid flow or gallons-per-minute (GPM). It is a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, pushing in only one direction. The control valve directs fluid to the cylinder […]

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Benefits of eCommerce Forklift Parts

As more of us shop online for products we need for home, we look for businesses that can do the same in the forklift and material handling industry. Forklift manufacturers, including Toyota Material Handling, have increased focus on technology and eCommerce forklift parts, and customers are embracing having information at their fingertips. Benefits of Using […]

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Top 5 Forklift Replacement Parts

During planned maintenance or a forklift service breakdown, forklift parts are often replaced to keep your equipment running efficiently. The most popular forklift replacement parts are not major components but their role is important in protecting major parts and keeping your operators safe. Forklift Replacement Parts Listed in descending order, Toyota Material Handling reports these […]

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Forklift Precautions in Cold Weather

With cold weather come additional hazards for forklift operation. During the winter season we must stay alert to factors such as temperature, snow, sleet, ice, etc. Slips & Falls Outside is cold. Inside is warm. For a forklift operating in both areas, these changes in temperature will cause condensation to form on the forklift. Operators […]

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Fork Position of a Forklift

Do you know the best fork position on your forklift? Knowing the correct answer may seem insignificant, but it is a skill that requires education of the operator as well as enforcement of the rules. It reduces accidents, but more importantly reduces the severity of injuries when accidents do happen. Forks: Driving Due to the operator’s […]

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Toyota System of Active Stability (SAS)

Providing forklift safety training to operators is one of the best practices to prevent accidents involving employees and product. However, even with training, operators will find themselves in dangerous situations. Toyota recognizes this reality and since 1999 has equipped their forklifts with the System of Active Stability (SAS). This system includes an active control rear […]