Chris Frazee ProLift President

ProLift Welcomes New President, Transitions Branding

ProLift is undergoing changes and we want to share our excitement with you. However, while we’re implementing changes, we’re still ProLift – same mission, same values and same goal of being an indispensable partner. With the retirement of David Graffy, Chris Frazee has stepped into the role of President. Chris has been in the material […]

forklift brakes

Types of Forklift Brakes

Forklift brakes can feel aggressive to an operator, especially when the forklift isn’t carrying a load. This is because they’re designed to stop the unit with a full load. Also, the brakes rarely heat up so condensation can form. If rust or brake dust causes a build-up, the forklift brakes may be more intense after […]

industrial mezzanine

10 Questions to Ask When Purchasing an Industrial Mezzanine

An industrial mezzanine is a heavy-duty industrial platform that is an ideal solution for creating more warehouse floor space. The industrial mezzanine’s structure creates a work station or storage area above and below it. If you are considering an on-site visit with a storage & handling specialist regarding an industrial mezzanine, prep for your meeting […]

used forklift safety

Used Forklift Safety

I’m purchasing a used forklift. How do I ensure it’s in safe working condition?   You’ll find several sources promoting used forklifts both locally and online. Each source has their own standards for reconditioning forklifts, making it important the evaluation and/or repairs are transparent. Used Forklift Safety Checklist At a minimum, ProLift guarantees our used […]

dock equipment safety

Top Safety Concerns for Dock Equipment & Maintenance

The dock area, whether one dock or several, is an important part of daily warehouse production. Because it is exposed to heavy equipment, product and seasonal weather, scheduling dock maintenance helps keep your area in safe working condition. A top safety concern for the dock area is creating a secure environment for the forklift operator […]

Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift image

Age Requirement to Operate a Forklift

What is the age requirement to operate a forklift? There are several guidelines to follow when hiring youth workers between the ages of 14-17 years old; however, regulation 29 CFR 570.58 specifically prohibits employees under the age of 18 years old to operate a forklift. Forklift Youth Labor Laws In May 2002, the website YouthRules […]

osha accident report

OSHA Accident Reporting

If a forklift accident occurred at your facility today, would you be required to report it? Per its standard 29 CFR 1904, OSHA requires employers to maintain logs of serious work-related injuries and illnesses. In January 2015, changes were implemented that revised the list of industries exempt from recordkeeping regulations. OSHA Events that must be […]

forklift technician job

Becoming a Forklift Technician

Most people in the community haven’t heard that Toyota builds forklifts. The manufacturer produced its first forklift in 1956 and has been the #1 selling forklift in the United States since 2002. Even with its strong reputation in the industry, Toyota forklift dealers continue to struggle with finding an abundance of forklift technicians. Required Mechanical […]

pedestrian blue light

Safe-Lite Forklift Pedestrian Warning Spotlight

Which forklift option is currently trending? The Safe-Lite Forklift Pedestrian Warning Spotlight became a popular forklift “add on” during 2015 and its trend continues. Its main purpose is to avoid collisions between forklifts and pedestrians. By projecting a blue LED light 10-20 feet ahead of the forklift, pedestrians are alerted to nearby traffic. Forklifts and […]

Aerial Lifts & Telehandlers Image

Aerial Lift Maintenance Requirements

What are the aerial lift maintenance requirements? And, should you be doing more? Your aerial lift must be maintained in safe working order. ANSI A92.6 outlines both a frequency and annual inspection. Each inspection shall be “performed by a person(s) qualified as a mechanic on the specific make and model of the aerial platform or […]

Modular Office

Advantages of Installing a Modular Office

You need more space in your facility. Time, budget and disruption of production are concerns as well as keeping the area clean and having construction flexibility of the structure. A modular office has several advantages compared to a stick built structure and is a great solution for each of the mentioned concerns. How can a […]

battery chargers image

Forklift Battery Maintenance

An often talked about advantage for purchasing an electric forklift is the fuel cost savings. While the acquisition costs are higher than a LP powered forklift, the battery powers the electric unit for multiple years. However, there’s a factor many companies overlook when estimating the return on investment of the battery – the “people factor”. […]