ProLift Toyota Material Handling West Virginia Territory Expansion

Less than a year ago, ProLift Toyota Material Handling announced the merger with Toyota Material Handling Ohio adding the major markets of Columbus, Toledo and Cleveland Ohio. ProLift is growing again by adding responsibility for territories in southeastern Ohio, eastern Kentucky, and West Virginia.    This expansion allows ProLift to provide Toyota Material Handling customers and […]

Disc vs cylindrical power floor scrubbers

Industrial Floor Scrubbers: Disc Vs. Cylindrical

Industrial floor scrubbers are used to clean hard surfaces in many different industrial, commercial and public facilities. Depending on the size and maneuverability of a facility, a smaller walk-behind scrubber or a larger ride-on scrubber can be used. Each of these types of industrial floor scrubber models uses one of two scrubbing methods: disc or […]

benefits of forklift safety training

Why Supervisors and Operators Need Forklift Safety Refresher Courses

It’s not uncommon for people in management positions to neglect getting forklift safety refresher courses. This happens for a variety of reasons; they feel that letting their certifications expire doesn’t pose a threat if they’re not operating the equipment daily, their attention might be being pulled in many different directions, and budgetary constraints may dissuade […]

heavy duty forklift outdoor application

What to Consider Before Buying a Heavy Duty Forklift

If your application requires you to move loads that are heavier than 15,000 lbs., a heavy duty forklift is a necessity. Toyota’s THD line features models with load capacities ranging from 18,000 to 125,000 lbs. and practically innumerable application capabilities. Before you begin your search for the right high capacity forklift model for your operation, […]

ProLift Merges with Toyota Material Handling Ohio

  To our valued customers: ProLift Toyota Material Handling is excited to announce our merger with another Toyota owned forklift dealership, Toyota Material Handling Ohio. While our footprint has grown, I can assure you that you will continue working with the same great people who want to be your indispensable partner for all things material […]

narrow aisle forklift

Maximize Efficiency with Narrow Aisle Forklifts: Warehouse Planning and Design

As businesses grow, it is important to find new methods of maximizing the number of pallet positions and warehouse storage space. This guide provided by ProLift Toyota Material Handling offers insight into how narrow aisle forklifts can be used and the advantages of selecting the right equipment for increasing storage capacity in the warehouse.  Industries: […]

electric forklift for sale

Comprehensive Guide to Electric Forklifts: Models, Applications, Benefits, and Maintenance Tips

Electric forklifts now dominate the U.S. market, accounting for 70% of the forklifts purchased and placed into production. This article highlights ideal industries and applications, product mix, and key benefits of an electric fleet. Industries: Distribution, General Warehouse, and Food Manufacturing Applications For decades, internal combustion (IC) forklifts were believed to be the most durable […]

forklift load center

Defining Forklift Load Center

Understanding the forklift load center is vital to an operator keeping the forklift and load stable. Keep in mind that forklifts typically weigh almost twice of their rated lift capacity. To protect operators and product, load center ratings are required on the forklift data plate. To understand the concept of load center, visualize two children […]

Toyota Industrial Walkie Stacker Image

Forklift Operating Surfaces

Forklifts are called “heavy equipment” for good reason. An unloaded standard forklift at 5,000 lbs of rated lift capacity weighs 9,000 lbs. With a load, the forklift weight can increase to 14,000 lbs. Pressure on Floor Surfaces It’s not uncommon to see blacktop damaged by repeated forklift traffic. When carrying a maximum capacity load, a […]

forklift dock safety

Dock Safety Hazards of Loading and Unloading Trailers

The act of loading and unloading a trailer forces the forklift operator to interact with another piece of equipment (trailer) and another human (truck driver), which increases safety risks and hazards. Dock Safety: Common Hazards Trucks and trailers can creep away from docks while loading and unloading due to the weight and force of the […]