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Finding the Best Forklift Options

Consider your current forklift fleet. How long ago did you purchase the equipment? Has your production schedule or loads changed? Were the units purchased new or did you acquire used equipment with limited features? Although there is a perception that forklifts are commodities, no purchase is standard. When designed specifically for your warehouse and application, […]

forklift operator seat

Forklift Operator Seat Ergonomics

One of the most important assets to your company is your group of dedicated employees and as the employer your goal is to reduce the risk of injury of your employees. Therefore, the comfort and safety of those employees should be a priority. For forklift operators, the majority of their work day requires sitting for […]

forklift manual

Types of Forklift Manuals

To provide a thorough overview of the forklift, three types of forklift manuals are available. Each manual is geared toward a unique audience, but all have a goal of keeping your forklift dependable and safe. Selecting a Forklift Manual Forklift operator manual: This manual provides the operator with an overview of the forklift’s features and […]

toyota forklift parts manual

Ordering a Toyota Forklift Parts Manual

  ProLift is a full-service Toyota Forklift dealer, covering areas of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. We can help you source forklift manuals for your Toyota Forklift, including its forklift parts manual. Toyota Forklift Parts Manual FAQ How can I order a forklift parts manual? To order, contact a ProLift parts specialist and provide your forklift’s […]

Forklift mast

Selecting a Forklift Mast

Forklift masts are basic components of a forklift, but depending on your warehouse design, it’s important you have the correct type on your forklift. There are four basic types of forklift masts: standard, duplex, triple stage and quad. Before purchasing your forklift, whether new or used, research the measurements required for your warehouse and daily […]

used forklift dealer

Choosing a Forklift Dealer versus a Wholesaler for Your Used Forklift Needs

When you’re responsible for keeping the department’s budget in line, every major purchase matters. It’s tempting to let price be the deciding factor when purchasing a used forklift, but this may only be a short-term gain. Considering the impact your forklift has on daily production, it must be safe and reliable. Used Forklift Reconditioning A […]

forklift oil leak

Forklift Oil Leaks

Are you spotting forklift oil on the warehouse floor? Or, is forklift oil being replenished every two weeks to manage a leak? Forklift oil leaks are bothersome and depending on the source of a forklift oil leak, the repair can be expensive. If the leak isn’t resolved easily with a hose or O-ring replacement, the issue […]

purchasing a forklift

Avoid Surprises on Your Forklift Rental Invoice

The project is over. Your forklift rental was picked up and now you’re scanning the invoice. Unfortunately, there’s a line item you don’t recall discussing when securing the rental. You make a mental note to call the dealer in the morning – one more thing to do! The unique operations of rental providers may cause […]

pneumatic tire forklift

Forklift Rental: What To Expect When You Rent

A need for a forklift can be immediate or planned. Immediate needs can occur due to broken equipment, seasonal needs, or unexpected demand while planned needs are usually a result of bidding, contractual projects. For immediate needs, short-term projects and specialty lifts, the solution is renting. Forklifts can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly to […]

Forklift LP tank

8 Tips For Changing a Forklift LP Tank

Because liquid propane (LP) is a flammable and explosive gas, changing an LP tank on a forklift offers risks. To keep ourselves and co-workers safe, we must act responsibly. Changing a Forklift LP Tank Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) The fuel inside the LP tank is contained at a high pressure and has a temperature […]

Toyota L-Cart

Moving Product with an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

When building product requires a repetitive process one with the product visiting various stations historically companies invested in a conveyor. Today more companies are requiring flexibility of their production line and this is a solution an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) can provide. AGV: Warehouse Applications To qualify as an AGV candidate, the product should move […]

forklift on incline

Forklift Safety for Ramps, Slopes and Inclines

A ramp, slope or incline is defined as an angle that exceeds 10%, or approximately one foot rise for every ten feet of ramp or incline. OSHA 1910.178(n)(7) addresses regulations for forklift ramps, slopes or inclines that must be followed any time a powered industrial truck is on a defined incline. OSHA Regulations for Ramps […]