Forklift Battery Service

Is your forklift battery showing signs of corrosion due to lack of maintenance? It’s recommended you service forklift batteries twice annually, which catches small problems with your battery or chargers before it becomes a major issue.

Don’t put up with forklift battery failures that affect your production! Our forklift battery service checks cell voltage, electrolyte level, battery appearance, vent caps and more.

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Forklift Battery Repair

When you have a need that goes beyond forklift battery service, ProLift can help with battery repair.

Choose from a variety of forklift battery services, including:

  • Reconditioning
  • Cleaning
  • Neutralizing
  • Painting
  • Connector, cable & cell replacement
  • Disposal
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a ProLift Toyota employee wearing green rubber gloves providing Forklift battery maintenance
Electric Toyota Forklift

Selecting a Forklift Battery

The forklift battery is a large investment for your electric forklift. Getting the optimal pairing will ensure a longer life for your battery and keeps your forklift in production during every shift. Whether searching for a new or reconditioned battery, providing the following information to your supplier will be beneficial when selecting a forklift battery. […]

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Toyota Electric Forklifts

When you’re planning to add or replace your electric forklift, put Toyota at the top of your list. Our product line includes:

  • Core electric forklift
  • 3-wheel electric forklift
  • Large electric forklift
  • Electric pneumatic forklift
  • Stand-up Rider
  • High-capacity electric cushion forklift


Toyota 3-Wheel Electric Forklift image