• Uses less time to warm up at a decreased wattage
  • Longer life cycle of replacement bulbs, up to 35,000 hours
  • Qualifies for some federal & state energy credits, deductions & rebates


  • Loses only 5% of its luminosity during bulb’s life span
  • Lighting choices for your operations – soft, medium & bright
  • Operates at cooler temperatures to decrease heat & fire risk


  • Decreases operation costs
  • Provides better aesthetics
  • Offers security to tenants
high efficiency lighting

Lighting Requirements For Your Warehouse and Forklift Operation

Have you ever walked through a dark warehouse? It can be intimidating. That feeling occurs because the risk to your well-being is real. An electric forklift, which is designed to operate quietly, traveling at a high speed, may not be noticed … until it strikes you. OSHA Warehouse Lighting Requirements Per OSHA, companies are required […]

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