Fast, Simple Maintenance

TICO Pro-Spotters off-road terminal tractors emphasize fast, simple maintenance. Several features offer a maintenance and cost advantage, including:

  • Continuous welds on all joints which strengthens the vehicle and makes it less prone to cracks
  • Rapid “bolt-on, bolt-off” component system to decrease time replacing parts
  • 65-gallon fuel capacity that increases productivity due to fewer stops to refuel
  • Cab inset for vehicle protection, long life and resale value
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Remove & Replace Parts in Minutes

Why spend hours in maintenance when the TICO Pro-Spotter requires only minutes to remove and replace a part?

Watch this walk-around maintenance video to see how this terminal tractor was designed to maximize production.


Corrosion Free Cab

All TICO vehicles include a composite “corrosion free” cab with a 5-year structural warranty. For an additional buffer against daily elements or a corrosive environment, upgrade to TICO’s Pro-Spotter Galvanized Option. Galvanizing is a rust preventative process that coats steel with zinc to offer long-term protection.

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terminal tractor