Ergonomically Designed

Several features of the TICO Pro-Spotter offer an ergonomic advantage, including:

  • Large cab interior for operator comfort
  • Optional “fold away” trainer’s seat that can be folded up, moved or kept down during training
  • Air operated rear door to eliminate uncomfortable contortions to open and close door
  • Full width and height cab protection bar in the event of a roll-over
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on-road terminal tractor

Driver Productivity

A terminal tractor built for the operator, the TICO Pro-Spotter emphasizes ergonomics and driver productivity.

See why TICO is gaining popularity with drivers moving containers, on- and off-road.


Corrosion Free Cab

All TICO vehicles include a composite “corrosion free” cab with a 5-year structural warranty. For an additional buffer against daily elements or a corrosive environment, upgrade to TICO’s Pro-Spotter Galvanized Option. Galvanizing is a rust preventative process that coats steel with zinc to offer long-term protection.

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terminal tractor