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The PowerBoss Scrubmaster B400 – In Stock

  • Cleans areas up to 133,000 sq. ft/hour
  • 48″ scrubbing path and 65″ sweeping path with dual side brooms
  • 106-gallon tank and recovery tanks
  • Battery powered
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Nautilus Series Rider Scrubbers

Built for durability and performance, the Nautilus Series, including Nautilus, Nautilus HD (High Dump), and Nautilus E, are the workhorses of the scrubbing industry. Featuring all-steel construction and stainless-steel scrub deck, these rider scrubbers resist corrosion and ensure longevity. The optional onboard self-generating hot water system, TGT (Nautilus and Nautilus HD only), further enhances their capabilities.

Nautilus Series Features:

  • Thermal Green Technology (optional): Onboard self-generating hot water scrubbing
  • Agricultural all-steel constructed frame and lifting arms
  • Stainless-steel scrub deck
  • 2,000 psi connected pressure washer
  • PPG Certified
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The Nautilus stands as a powerhouse in the scrubbing industry, with its robust all-steel frame mirroring its top-tier performance. Its unique cylindrical brushes allow for simultaneous sweeping and scrubbing in one pass. This model boasts the largest tank capacity in the industry at 105 gallons and features a resilient stainless steel scrubbing deck, enhanced by a high-quality Kubota engine for long-term reliability. The optional TGT (Thermal Green Technology) system leverages engine heat to warm cleaning water up to 70 degrees above room temperature, enhancing cleaning results. The Nautilus prioritizes ease of use with simple maintenance, tool-free brush changes, straightforward one-touch operation, and a fully hydraulic design. It’s a perfect fit for heavy manufacturing, warehouses, outdoor areas, sports stadiums, construction clean-up, and distribution centers.

  • Hands-free hopper operation 
  • Cleans areas of up to 130,000 sq. ft/hour  
  • Debree Hopper Capacity: 2.09 cu ft./15.6 gallons 
  • Solution and Recovery Tank Capacity: 105 gallons 
  • Thermal Green Technology (optional): Onboard self-generating hot water scrubbing 
  • Power Flexibility: Cast Iron Kubota LPG, Gas, or Diesel 


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Nautilus with hopper raised

Nautilus HD (High Dump)

The Nautilus HD from PowerBoss is a powerful scrubber that combines the reliability of the standard Nautilus with a hands-free high dump feature. Built to last, it uses a single set of brushes for efficient sweeping and scrubbing, and boasts a 95-gallon tank capacity, a Kubota engine, and an optional TGT system for enhanced cleaning. Its robust design and easy maintenance make it a go-to solution for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in manufacturing, warehouses, and outdoor areas.

  • Cleans areas of up to 130,000 sq. ft/hour
  • Hand-free high dump hopper 
  • Debree Hopper Capacity: 3.89 cu ft./29 gallons 
  • Solution and Recovery Tank Capacity: 90 gallons 
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Nautilus HD (High Dump) side view


The PowerBoss Nautilus-E is a high-performance industrial battery scrubber, surpassing its combustion counterparts in capabilities. Featuring a 55” scrub path, 90-gallon capacity tanks, and over 8 hours of runtime, it accommodates standard forklift battery types like Lithium Ion, TPPL, or Lead Acid. Front wheel drive and an operator-friendly design make it comfortable to use, while the durable agricultural-grade steel and stainless steel scrubbing parts ensure longevity. It’s easy to maintain with a lift and lock squeegee assembly, no-tools-needed brush changes, and a simple debris tray removal system.

  • Cleans areas of up to 130,000 sq. ft/hour
  • Cylindrical Debree Hopper Capacity: 0.7cu ft./20 liters
  • Solution & Recovery Tank Capacity: 90 gallons
  • Battery Life: Long Runtime Battery
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Nautilus-E side battery view

Scrubmaster Series

A true sweeper-scrubber provides independent dry sweeping functions and a separate wet scrubbing system within a single machine’s footprint. Surfaces are cleaned twice in a single pass (first by sweeping, then scrubbing).

Scrubmaster Series Features:

  • Large independent tanks and standard long runtime batteries, ensuring fast and efficient cleaning of large areas.
  • Standard 4-sided Linatex squeegee blade and an on-board spray hose.
  • Automatic speed-sensitive water flow control, ensuring cleaning perfection and safe, dry floors.
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Scrubmaster B400 RH

The PowerBoss Scrubmaster B400 RH is an industrial marvel that combines sweeping and scrubbing functionalities, cleaning surfaces in a single pass with independent dry sweeping and wet scrubbing brushes. The Scrubmaster B400 RH is the top choice for customers with large spaces such as Warehouses, Distribution centers, Manufacturing plants, and polished concrete areas. 

  • Cleans areas of up to 133,000 sq. ft/hour
  • Debree Hopper Capacity: 5.34 cu ft./330 lbs
  • Solution and Recovery Tank Capacity: 106 gallons
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Scrubmaster B400 RH Front Side view with hopper raised

Scrubmaster B120 R

The Scrubmaster B120 R is engineered to tackle large-scale cleaning needs in highly trafficked areas like shopping centers, production facilities, train stations, and airports. Despite its compact size, it delivers exceptional maneuverability with a 90-degree steering angle and versatility through four deck configurations. The machine can be customized with either disc or cylindrical brushes to suit specific cleaning demands. It’s designed with operator comfort in mind, providing an ergonomic workspace replete with advanced features for efficient operation. Trust PowerBoss for innovative solutions that truly make a difference in your daily cleaning tasks.

  • Scrubbing Options: Dual Cylindrical Scrubbing Brush or Disk
  • Solution and Recovery Tank Capacity: 32 gallons
  • On-Board Spray Hose
  • Off-Aisle Vac Wand
  • All-Day battery life
  • 110V External Charger
  • Smart Charging Technology
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Scrubmaster B120 R Front side view

Scrubmaster B175 R

The Scrubmaster B175 delivers a powerful cleaning solution in a compact, comfortable, and durable design. Choose between its 33” dual cylindrical model for simultaneous wet sweeping and scrubbing, or the 42” dual disc model for intense deep cleaning of high-performance floors; an optional pre-sweep attachment can turn the latter into a combined sweeper-scrubber. With the individual 46-gallon solution and recovery tanks, extended cleaning sessions are a breeze. The B175 features speed dosing water control, which adjusts water flow based on operator speed for improved efficiency and safety. It boasts an array of convenient features like front-wheel drive, one-touch function buttons, tool-free brush/squeegee changes, on-board spray hose, auto-loading brushes, and a USB charger. Maintenance is simplified with its ‘no tools needed’ touch points and a unique lift and lock squeegee blade for easy care.

  • One-Touch All Functions Button
  • Solution and Recovery Tank Capacity: 46 gallons
  • Industrial Stainless-Steel Scrubbing Deck Components and Squeegee Frame
  • 24V-315 AH Battery
  • 110V External Charger
  • Smart Charging Technology
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Scrubmaster 175 R side view

Scrubmaster B260 R

The B260 R, PowerBoss Scrubmaster’s largest rider scrubber, delivers exceptional performance in diverse industrial settings such as warehouses, manufacturing, and automotive industries. Its large scrubbing footprint (42” cylindrical or 42” and 48” disc) and capacious 68-gallon solution and recovery tanks enable maximum efficiency and prolonged scrubbing. Standard features include speed dosing water flow, non-marking high traction tires, forward-facing operator design, an onboard USB charger, and a vibrant LCD control panel. User-friendly characteristics include an all-in-one scrubbing button, automatic brush changing, an onboard spray hose, and easily identifiable yellow maintenance touchpoints. Powered by emission-free 36-volt, 395AH marine-grade batteries with an optional 390AH AGM, the B260 R can be enhanced with add-ons like a pre-sweep attachment, off-aisle wand, front spotlight, overhead guard, blue safety lights, and onboard detergent metering.

  • Cleans areas of up to 133,000 sq. ft/hour
  • Debree Hopper Capacity: 5.34 cu ft./330 lbs.
  • Solution and Recovery Tank Capacity: 106 gallons
  • 110V External Charger
  • Smart Charging Technology
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Scrubmaster B260 R side view

Customize Your Rider Scrubber

Enhance Your Cleaning Experience

  • Range of safety features
  • Dust Stop Technology
  • Comfortable suspension seat
  • Power flexibility options
  • Easy maintenance
Customize Your Cleaning Experience

Available Options

Safety Features

Overhead guard with blue spotlight. LCD back-up camera. Flashing light and front facing blue light (rear blue, back-up alarm and red side marking lights available)

Dust Stop Technology

Eliminates up to 90% of airborne dust particulates

Suspension Seat

Improved ergonomic design for reduced fatigue and increased operator comfort

Add-On Attachments

Benefit from scrubber accessories like the pre-sweep/vacuum unit and more