Armadillo Series Rider Sweepers

The Armadillo Series offers robust solutions for harsh environments across its three versatile models. It meets various cleaning demands with cleaning widths of 36-84 inches, 10-30 cubic feet hopper capacity, and a debris disposal capability of 650-2000 lbs. The Armadillo sweepers are fitted with durable cast-iron Kubota engines and a unique Rotary Trash Relocator (RTR), enabling operators to compact or relocate debris during sweeping, minimizing emptying time. Its all-steel weatherproof construction guarantees durability. The series features a swing-out engine design (9x and 10x models) for easy maintenance, with an all-hydraulic system ensuring enduring reliability and straightforward operation. Options for dealing with high dust levels or silica dust include water suppression, HEPA filtration, and MERV-17 solutions.

  • Armadillo Cleaning Capability: Up to 217,800 sq. ft/hour
  • Rotary trash relocator
  • Agricultural Grade All Steel Construction
  • Cast iron Kubota Engine (LPG, Gasoline, or Diesel)
  • High-Performance cleaning
  • Top-rated Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage 
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Armadillo 6X

The Armadillo 6X delivers powerful performance for harsh environments, all within a compact industrial design. Equipped with a standard Kubota engine (available in gasoline, LPG, or diesel), it utilizes the unique Armadillo RTR (rotary trash relocator) system, allowing for debris compaction or relocation during sweeping. This results in fewer emptying stops and increased sweeping time. With its all-steel weatherproof design, simple maintenance procedures, tool-free brush replacement, and a single replaceable dust panel filter, the 6X ensures enduring reliability. It also offers solutions for high dust or silica dust environments, such as water suppression, HEPA filtration, and MERV-17 solutions. It’s ideal for mining, heavy-duty manufacturing, outdoor parking ramps, warehousing, and high dust applications.

  • Cleans areas of up to 124,080 sq. ft/hour 
  • Cleaning Path: Single Side Brush – 53-inch width or Dual Side Brush – 63-inch width
  • Hopper Volume Capacity: 10.00 cu ft./74 gallons
  • Hopper Weight Capacity – 650 lbs.
  • Power Options: Cast iron Kubota Engine (LPG, Gasoline, or Diesel)
  • Durable Construction: Agricultural Grade All-Steel Construction
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Armadillo 9X

The PowerBoss 9X Industrial Sweeper is a sturdy, high-efficiency cleaning machine engineered for the harshest conditions. It promises outstanding performance with a sweeping width of 80 inches, a massive 22 cubic feet hopper capable of handling 1,500 lbs, and a powerful Kubota engine available in LPG, gasoline, or diesel variants. This sweeper offers enhanced durability and operator comfort, constructed with resilient, weatherproof agricultural-grade e-coated steel and featuring a Power Flex suspension system. Its design avoids computer chips or microprocessors, favoring hydraulic and cable functions for straightforward operation. It includes powerful dust filtration facilitated by twin shaker motors and dual, easy-to-replace synthetic panel filters. It also offers safety enhancements like an enclosed cab, flashing light, and overhead guard. With its user-friendly maintenance, requiring no tools for brush changes, the PowerBoss 9X guarantees lasting industrial performance with minimal downtime.

  • Cleans areas of up to 184,800 sq. ft/hour
  • PowerSwing– Full swing out engine access
  • Cleaning Path: Single Side Brush – 64-inch width or Dual Side Brush – 80-inch width
  • Hopper Volume Capacity: 22.00 cu ft.
  • Hopper Weight Capacity – 1,500 lbs.
  • Power Options: Cast iron Kubota Engine (LPG, Gasoline, or Diesel)
  • Durable Construction: Agricultural Grade All-Steel Construction
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Armadillo 9X with high dump hopper emptying to dumpster

Armadillo 10X

The PowerBoss 10X Industrial Sweeper is an exceptionally robust machine crafted for challenging conditions. Offering a vast 84-inch sweeping path and a high dump 64-inch, 2,000 lb rotating hopper, it is designed for high-performance, industrial-grade cleaning. The sweeper operates on a reliable cast iron Kubota LPG, gasoline, or diesel engine. It is built with weatherproof agricultural-grade e-coated steel and includes a Power Flex suspension for enhanced operator comfort and reduced fatigue. The 10X has a purely hydraulic and cable system, with no need for microprocessors or computer chips. It features heavy-duty dual synthetic panel filters that are easy to change and twin shaker motors for efficient filtration. Safety options and maintenance-free brush changing add to the machine’s convenience. The PowerBoss 10X Sweeper, with its steadfast reliability and superior performance, is a perfect fit for the most severe environments.

  • Cleans areas of up to 217,800 sq. ft/hour
  • PowerSwing– Full swing out engine access
  • Cleaning Path: Single Side Brush – 72-inch width or Dual Side Brush – 84-inch width
  • Hopper Volume Capacity: 30.00 cu ft.
  • Hopper Weight Capacity – 2,000 lbs.
  • Filter Area: 180 sq. ft.
  • Twin Filter Shaker Motors
  • Oversized curb climbing tires
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Armadillo 10X with dual broom front view

Sweepmaster 1500 Rider Sweeper

The Sweepmaster 1500 is an industrial electric sweeping solution with an ergonomic design tailored for modern operators. Its prominent sweeping position, luxurious captain’s comfort seat, front-wheel drive, and clear sight lines ensure maximum visibility, maneuverability, and effectiveness. The machine features simple one-touch electric components, making it versatile and easy to use. Its unique overthrow sweeping system fully utilizes the 8.82 cubic feet debris hopper, maximizing productivity and reducing emptying downtime. The Sweepmaster 1500 also incorporates side brush speed control to reduce airborne dust and offers industry-leading dust filtration and containment. Its preferred applications include warehouses, logistics hubs, food and beverage manufacturing facilities, large indoor spaces, and environments where battery power is favored over internal combustion.


  • Cleaning Capability: Up to 155,00 sq. ft/hour
  • Cleaning Path: 50 inches to 78 inches depending on options
  • High Dump Hands-Free Hopper
  • Debree Hopper Capacity: 8.82 cu ft.
  • Pinwheel Turn Radius
  • Center Seated Cockpit for Maximum visibility
  • Top-rated Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage
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Sweepmaster 1500 high dump hopper empties in dumpster.

Atlas Rider Sweepers

The PowerBoss Atlas Industrial Sweeper is a compact yet powerful machine, designed to meet everyday sweeping needs and perform under harsh conditions. It has a 64-inch sweeping path with one side broom and extends to 80 inches with two side brooms. Powered by a robust cast iron Kubota engine in LPG, gasoline, or diesel options, the Atlas Sweeper is built with weatherproof, agricultural-grade e-coated steel. Its hydraulic and cable systems negate the need for microprocessors or chips. The machine boasts easy maintenance with its no-tools-needed brush change system and straightforward engine access. Heavy-duty dual synthetic panel filters and twin shaker motors provide robust filtration. With an emphasis on operator comfort, it offers ample legroom and a comfortable seat with an armrest. The Atlas Sweeper’s large capacity and high ground clearance make it efficient and versatile, ensuring longevity even in the most demanding environments.


  • Atlas Cleaning Capability: Up to 184,800 sq. ft/hour
  • Efficient direct throw system
  • Stage 4 dust control
  • Easy Maintenance: 360-degree engine access
  • Safety vision dump window
  • Top-rated Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage
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Atlas side view

Apex Series Rider Sweepers

The PowerBoss Apex Series Industrial Rider Sweepers are efficient, battery-powered machines designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor sweeping tasks. They feature a sweeping path of 40-58 inches with side brooms and an overthrow full-fill hopper. Constructed with all-steel frames and rotomolded panels, these sweepers are built for lasting durability. They’re equipped with clear-view steering wheels and universal controls for effortless operation, high-performance synthetic panel filters, and variable frequency shaker motors to promote effective dust control. The Apex Series makes maintenance easy, requiring no tools for changing brushes or accessing daily maintenance areas. They also boast spacious operator stations and standard captain’s seats for enhanced operator comfort. The series includes models with additional features like a high-dump hopper for easy emptying into larger containers and an automatic broom adjustment system for consistent sweeping patterns. Versatile and adaptable, the Apex Series delivers excellent performance in tight spaces and a wide range of applications.

  • Easy debris disposal: Both models offer easy, hands-free emptying with variable dump heights up to 60 inches. 
  • Overthrow full-fill hopper: Both models feature an overthrow full-fill hopper, maximizing debris collection capacity.
  • All-steel frame construction: Both models are built with all-steel frames and rotomolded panels, ensuring long-term durability.
  • High-performance filtration: Both models utilize synthetic panel filters and variable frequency shaker motors for effective dust control.
  • 110V External Charger
  • Smart Charging Technology
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Apex 47 hopper emptying into dumpster

Apex 47

The Apex 47 Rider Sweeper is an industrially robust machine, built for intense cleaning tasks. Constructed with a steel frame and virtually indestructible synthetic panels, it showcases a 90-90 turning radius due to its directly steered front-wheel drive, ensuring remarkable maneuverability even in narrow spaces. Its unique main broom, compensating for wear and tear, guarantees optimal sweeping results. This battery-operated sweeper is available with either a hydraulic high-dump or a manual low-dump hopper. Designed with easy maintenance in mind, its engine and battery compartments are readily accessible, and the seat console tilts back to allow access. Additionally, the machine features a safety shut-off switch integrated with the seat, shutting down the machine if the operator stands up.

  • Cleaning Capability: Up to 77,500 sq. ft/hour
  • Cleaning Path: Single Side Brush – 40-inch width or Dual Side Brush – 47-inch width
  • Debree Hopper Capacity: 2.1 cu ft.
  • 110V External Charger
  • Smart Charging Technology
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Apex 47 side view

Apex 58

The Apex 58 Rider Sweeper from PowerBoss is a multi-functional, high-efficiency cleaning machine suitable for diverse indoor and outdoor cleaning tasks. It boasts a sweeping width of 31.5 inches, expandable to 58 inches with two additional side brooms. Available in gas/LPG, diesel, or battery versions, it accommodates a wide range of sweeping requirements. The machine features an efficient filtration system for clean exhaust and a simplified control design to reduce operator mistakes. Its operator-friendly design offers an ergonomically optimized driving position and large wheels for effortless maneuverability. The Apex 58 also incorporates a high-dump, 34-gallon hopper for easy waste disposal into larger containers. It has automatic broom adjustments, winding protection to avoid bearing damage, and easy maintenance access for hassle-free service.

  • Cleaning Capability: Up to 99,028 sq. ft/hour
  • Cleaning Path: Single Side Brush – 45-inch width or Dual Side Brush – 58-inch width
  • Debree Hopper Capacity: 2.1 cu ft.
  • 110V External Charger
  • Smart Charging Technology
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Apex 58 side view

HEPA Filters

In compliance with OSHA regulations, PowerBoss is committed to maintaining the health and safety of all workers. With a 99.9% filtration efficiency, our HEPA sweepers meet the highest safety standards to ensure a healthy work environment.

  • OSHA-compliant
  • 99.9% filtration efficiency
  • Health and safety focused
  • Improved air quality
  • Industry-standard compliance
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Nautilus with HEPA filter and hose

Available Options

Safety Features

Choose between an overhead guard or a fully enclosed cab with a blue spotlight for increased safety and visibility.

Dual Side Brooms

Enhance edge sweeping with an extended sweeping path for more efficient cleaning.

Noise Reduction

Silencing technology reduces audible decibels during operation for a quieter working environment.

Ergonomic Suspension Seat

Experience improved ergonomics that reduces fatigue, increase operator comfort, and boost productivity.

High-Efficiency Air Filter

Benefit from added engine filtration for high dust applications, including a standard electric filter shaker for easy cleaning.

Dust Suppression Bar

Optional water suppression reduces airborne dust and particulates in high dust applications, ensuring a cleaner workspace.

Mobile Dumpster

Easily hand-collect large debris while sweeping for a more thorough cleaning process.

Easy Maintenance

Access the engine with ease using the Engine Swing™ feature for quick and convenient servicing.