Choose from 5 Aichi scissor lift models, all offering these top features:

  • Platform extension
  • Tilt alarm
  • Fold-down guardrails
  • Dual operational mode
  • Upper control box
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Aichi scissor lift
scissor lift

The Reason for Scissor Lift Lanyard Attachment Points

Most equipment manufacturers, backed by OSHA and ANSI regulations and interpretations, agree that wearing a body harness and lanyard while operating a scissor lift is not required. In some cases, wearing the personal protective equipment (PPE) may add risk. For example, narrow-based scissor lifts have tipped from the force and momentum created by a person […]

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Access the Tallest Areas of Your Facility

The Aichi scissor lift offers durable construction with its steel-constructed panels and power-coated paint. Learn which model best fits your application.