Choose from 5 Aichi scissor lift models, all offering these top features:

  • Platform extension
  • Tilt alarm
  • Fold-down guardrails
  • Dual operational mode
  • Upper control box
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Aichi scissor lift
scissor lift

The Reason for Scissor Lift Lanyard Attachment Points

Most equipment manufacturers, backed by OSHA and ANSI regulations and interpretations, agree that wearing a body harness and lanyard while operating a scissor lift is not required. In some cases, wearing the personal protective equipment (PPE) may add risk. For example, narrow-based scissor lifts have tipped from the force and momentum created by a person […]

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Access the Tallest Areas of Your Facility

The Aichi scissor lift offers durable construction with its steel-constructed panels and power-coated paint. Learn which model best fits your application.


Ease of Service

  • Brushless AC Drive Motors
  • Digital Monitor with Onboard Tuning
  • Lubrication Free Bushings Require No Maintenance
  • Slide-Out Battery Trays for Ease of Access
Aichi scissor lift in a warehouse

New Equipment Guarantee

In the event you are unhappy with the equipment you purchased from ProLift after one year’s use, we will simply buy it back for the original purchase price less two thirds of our normal rental rate.

Equipment Specs

Model Platform Height Platform Capacity at Lift Height Platform Lift Time Platform Lower Time Overall Width
SV1932E 19 ft. 505 lbs. at 228 in. 26 seconds 30 seconds 32.1 in.
SV2032E 20 ft. 790 lbs. at 240 in. 28 seconds 40 seconds 31.9 in.
SV2632E 26 ft. 505 lbs. at 307 in.
795 lbs. at 236 in.
33 seconds 37 seconds 81.2 in.
SV2646E 26 ft. 705 lbs. at 382 in.
990 lbs. at 311 in.
40 seconds 50 seconds 81.2 in.
SV3246E 32 ft. 705 lbs. at 382 in.
990 lbs. at 311 in.
55 seconds 60 seconds 81.2 in.