Used Forklifts For Sale

ProLift offers transparency and a 30-day exchange guarantee on our used forklifts for sale. We provide warranty options we’ll give you background details on the forklift – its former application, number of hours and parts replaced.

Our site shows only a sampling of the used forklifts ready for purchase. Tell us what you need! We’ll search our used forklift inventory and provide a complimentary quote.

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Used Forklift Guarantee

Our used forklifts are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your used forklift, you may exchange it at any time within 30 days of purchase.

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Buying a Used Forklift

When buying a used forklift instead of new equipment, a buyer is faced with the dilemma of picking a reliable unit. How can you differentiate between two similar used forklifts for sale, especially when they are being sold by different sellers? Choosing a Used Forklift Forklift Availability Begin your used forklift comparison with the dealership’s […]

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Used Forklift Warranties

When selecting a used forklift used forklift warranty, consider both your warehouse application and number of hours your used forklift will be in production. Our available used forklift warranties include:

Bronze Warranty
These forklifts receive a shop evaluation and necessary repairs. Bronze forklifts are serviced, tuned and cleaned. Each comes with a 30-day carriage to counterweight warranty.

Gold Warranty
Forklifts with a Gold warranty receive a shop evaluation and needed repairs prior to being listed. They are in optimum working condition with a new paint job and 70% or better tire tread. Each comes with a 90-day carriage to counterweight warranty.

Work Ready Warranty
After an inspection, work ready forklifts receive safety repairs. Each forklift is serviced and cleaned.

As Is
If a warranty is not a concern, As Is forklifts are available. Each forklift receives an inspection for fluid levels and brakes.

Reconditioning Process

ProLift understands your used forklift must be as dependable and safe as new equipment. Because our used forklift inventory consists of off-lease equipment, trade-ins and rental retirements, we know the history of each forklift.

You’ll know you’re purchasing a reliable reconditioned forklift because we provide you with detail of every item replaced or repaired on the used forklift. We also dedicate a team of certified technicians to our used forklift inventory, ensuring consistent and expert repairs.

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Customer Story

While the budgeted expansion at Spectra Press & Promotion did not allow for a brand-new piece of equipment, its owner, Bill French, knew that he wanted a specific, refurbished machine. “I was proactive enough to do this at the very beginning when they were just doing the groundwork on the warehouse itself,” French said.

He got in touch with ProLift, Spectra’s local Toyota Dealer. “I really was in love with a Toyota lift that ProLift was offering for a lot of good functionality, to maximize space in my warehouse for pallet racking,” French said.


Spectra_Bill French