Toyota Commercial Finance

Toyota Commercial Finance, a leading provider of financial services for the material handling industry, can help you find the finance solution that is right for you, whether that involves a loan, a lease agreement, a payment program or otherwise. Choose from one of several financing options, including retail installment loans, closed-end leases, capital leases, flexible-term leases, master leases/credit lines and more. Want to know more about Toyota Commercial Finance and how you can best afford your next equipment purchase? Contact us today.

Discuss Financing Options


Want the latest and greatest forklift and material handling equipment without expending the capital related to buying units? Leasing affords that flexibility. Our representatives can work with you to assess your facility, operations and business situation to help you find both the right equipment and the right financing package so you can focus on core competencies without worrying about cash flow.  Choose from options such as:

  • An operating lease, featuring the lowest monthly lease payment for Toyota equipment in the market and tax advantages.
  • capital lease, allowing you to lease new Toyota equipment in severe applications and offering a low-priced purchase option when the lease is up.
  • one-pay lease, featuring one up-front payment at the beginning of the lease for diminished interest and administrative costs.
  • flex lease that allows you to return equipment early or continue a lease with dramatically reduced monthly payments.
  • retail installment balloon loan that allows low monthly payments that combines benefits of several other options with end-of-lease flexibility.


There are several advantages when purchasing a new forklift or equipment, but how you acquire the equipment may vary, depending on your situation. Some of the key benefits of purchasing are:

  • You will own the forklift or equipment
  • There are tax incentives to owning over leasing
  • You can depreciate the equipment
  • In many cases, has the lowest cost of ownership
  • You can choose when to upgrade your equipment