Battery Maintenance Uncovers:

  • Evidence of over/under filling & corrosion
  • Cracked jars & sealing
  • Electrolyte & record water level
  • Missing or damaged vent caps
  • Voltage reading of all cells
  • Condition of battery straps, cable & connectors
  • Battery operation temperature

Our battery service technician also spot cleans the top of your battery and provides written recommendations on further repairs.
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Forklift Battery Maintenance

Battery Accessories

Having the right accessories keeps your forklift battery running properly and your employees safer. Our most popular accessories include:

  • Single Point Watering Systems
  • Watering Guns
  • Watering Monitors
  • Spill Kits
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Forklift battery watering system
Electric Toyota Forklift

Selecting a Forklift Battery

The forklift battery is a large investment for your electric forklift. Getting the optimal pairing will ensure a longer life for your battery and keeps your forklift in production during every shift. Whether searching for a new or reconditioned battery, providing the following information to your supplier will be beneficial when selecting a forklift battery. […]

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