Conveyor Sorting Systems

Conveyors are essential for moving and sorting product to the appropriate location within your facility. ProLift offers the following conveyor systems:

  • Sortation Conveyors separate product into specific locations throughout your facility for optimizing distribution. Sortation Conveyors are ideal for moving products of various sizes and weights.
  • Merge Conveyors arrange products coming from multiple lines of infeed conveyors, combining them into a single stream of products.
  • Gapping Belt Induction Conveyors widen or shorten the space between products to optimize sorting and scanning.
  • Accumulation Conveyors transport and accumulate unit loads into an efficient stream to be sorted, wrapped, or strapped among other processes.

Our team of experienced technicians will help determine the best conveyor system for your operation and provide continued support services upon installation.

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A brown package being transported by a blue conveyor system.

Automated Warehouse Picking Technology

Boosting your order-picking operations with automated warehouse picking technology can help your associates more efficiently sort and pack orders.

Pick to Light and Put to Light technologies use a series of light signals to direct associates on product quantities to be put in or picked from a container.

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ProLift Pro-tip: integrate warehouse picking technology and warehouse inventory control software for a paperless operation.

Female worker in a navy blue shirt uses a pick to light system to determine the quantity of product to be pulled from a picking location.

Goods-to-Person Order Fulfillment Systems

Improve warehouse productivity and increase speed of fulfillment with goods-to-person picking and automated order fulfillment.

The Perfect Pick System leads the industry in picking speed with up to 1,000 picks per hour. Robots move efficiently upon order receipt to deliver specific inventory bins to associates, who gather the quantity of items needed before the robots return the tote back to its designated area. Perfect Pick is just one solution available through ProLift’s partnership with Bastian Solutions.

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Industrial Robots

ProLift and Bastian Solutions are equipped to install a warehouse robotics system tailored to your operation. Collaborative robotics, also known as cobots, are a great first step toward warehouse automation:

  • Product movement for pallet assembly and disassembly can be performed by industrial robots, which helps to alleviate ergonomic strain on facility workers.
  • Bastian Solutions’ pick and place robots select individual items from a conveyor line and sort them into appropriate shipping receptacles, picking as quickly as 300 picks per minute!
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IoT Asset Tracking Solutions

BlueHound tracking device on a boxUncover end-to-end storage and shipping environment insights to maintain customer satisfaction and reduce the delivery of damaged goods.

BlueHound Asset Trackers provide real time data insights into where products are located throughout the supply chain—whether in your facility or en route to be delivered! These portable trackers can be placed on products, equipment, and deliver movement metrics via GPS and Bluetooth technology to the BlueHound portal, where you can easily track location data. You can even track products by the pallet load with an embedded BlueHound Asset Tracker. Placed in pallet legs, trackers are insulated and protected.

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Automated Industrial Control Systems

Take control of your newly automated operation with custom industrial controls. You’ll gain the ability to constantly monitor and maintain all aspects of your equipment and operational processes. We’ll provide your operation with a custom panel designed specific to your facility’s integration.

Two associates use an automated industrial control system for their warehouse operation
automated guided vehicle

Moving Product with an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Historically companies invested in a conveyor when building product required a repetitive process or one with the product visiting various stations. Today more companies are requiring flexibility of their production line and this is a solution an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) can provide. AGV: Warehouse Applications To qualify as an AGV candidate, the product should […]

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