Scrubmaster AMR

Trust in reliable autonomous cleaning, allowing your team to focus on complex cleaning tasks. Boost productivity by entrusting routine cleaning to the automated system, delivering consistently dependable results.

  • Navigates narrow aisles and covers large floor areas autonomously with a 16-gallon solution/recovery tank
  • Designed for versatile floor cleaning with pads or brushes
  • Cleans up to 60 distinct floor configurations
  • User-friendly tablet screen for route selection and device communication
  • Smart Charging Technology
  • Standard Lithium Ion Battery
  • Top-rated Manufacturer’s Warranty Coverage
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Scrubmaster AMR front side view

Discover the AMR in action

Discover the AMR in action.

  • 3-Years of Autonomous Operation and Updates included (extension available)
  • Safety Front and Rear (Amber) Flashing Light
  • Off-board charger included
  • 20-inch scrubbing path
  • Proprietary 7’9” minimum aisle width turning radius
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Parts, Service, and Rental Support

As a leading PowerBoss dealer in North America, ProLift delivers unmatched aftermarket support for your organization.

  • Dedicated PowerBoss Specialist: Working closely with our sales team and manufacturer account managers
  • Flexible Rental Options: Serving short-term, long-term, and seasonal projects with our comprehensive rental fleets
  • Authentic PowerBoss Parts: Ensuring peak performance and durability with OEM PowerBoss components
  • Experienced Service Technicians: Providing expert repairs, maintenance, and warranty claim support
  • Unwavering PowerBoss Quality: Committed to providing the industry’s highest standard of industrial cleaning equipment
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Available Options


3-Years of Autonomous Operation and Updates included (extension available)

Brush Options

Light-Medium, Medium Nylon, Medium-Heavy