Battery & Charger Maintenance

ProLift can help you with specific forklift battery service, including cleaning, neutralizing, painting, connector | cable | cell replacement or disposal. At a minimum, batteries should be serviced twice a year. In addition, battery chargers should be serviced annually.

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Flooded flat plate batteries
Watering Forklift Battery

Watering Forklift Batteries

Our electric forklift battery needs water. Should I add the water before or after its charge? You should add water to the forklift battery after its charge. Typically, batteries need watering 1x / weekly. Adding Water to the Forklift Battery To illustrate, imagine that you have a full glass of water. You stick a sponge […]

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Battery Reconditioning

Before we begin the service, ProLift performs a battery capacity test per industry standards to learn if the forklift battery is feasible to recondition.

Your battery reconditioning service includes:

  • Visual inspection of the battery
  • Replacement of missing or damaged items
  • Removal of corrosion
  • Repainting of the battery case

Reconditioned batteries are warrantied for up to 6 months.

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