Watering forklift battery

Forklift Battery Charging Station Safety

When an electric forklift’s battery is approximately 80% discharged, it is an ideal time for the forklift operator to return the battery to the charging station. Because charging the forklift battery poses safety risks involving sulfuric acid, battery charging installations shall be located in areas designated for that purpose only and forklift battery charging station […]

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Choose the Right Battery

ProLift’s consultants will help you choose the right battery for the forklift and application to maximize production and run time. We consider factors such as the forklift capacity, battery compartment and level of voltage.

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Advantages of Electric Forklifts

Today the electric forklift rivals the production of an I.C. forklift, matching or exceeding the alternative’s performance. More customers have switched their forklift fleet to electric, citing advantages such as:

  • Fuel cost-savings
  • Reduced maintenance & emissions
  • Low noise level
  • Opportunity charging


Understand Battery Connectors & Chargers

Our recommendation will ensure you have the correct battery connector and length of battery cable. We’ll also advise which battery charger is designed for your forklift’s battery voltage and amp hour rating.

In addition to new industrial batteries and chargers, ProLift offers:

  • Reconditioned batteries
  • Battery watering systems & other accessories
  • Battery planned maintenance
  • Connector & cable/cell replacement
  • Acid adjustment
  • Load test & evaluation
  • Battery disposal
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