• Eliminates hot & cold spots, bringing a constant temperature throughout building
  • In hot temperatures, provides a perceived temperature drop up to 5 degrees
  • Healthy, efficient alternative to air conditioning


  • Increases employee productivity & decrease absenteeism
  • Controls moisture to decrease corrosion, product spoilage and growth of bacteria
  • Quiet operation due to no high speed circulation


  • Consumes less power, lowering costs to operate
  • East maintenance
  • Manufacturer warranties
HVLS industrial fan

Making the Investment and Upgrade to a High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Fan

A high volume low speed industrial fan has become the effective solution for circulating large amounts of air while keeping energy costs low. The HVLS industrial fan is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories, distribution centers and gymnasiums. Seasonal Benefits of HVLS Industrial Fans Employees dread working in warehouse conditions that can be intolerable at […]

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