On-Site Forklift Tire Replacement

You work hard everyday, and so do your forklift tires! Our comprehensive tire inventory means that when you call for a forklift tire, chances are ProLift has it in stock and ready to deliver. And if we don’t have it, we’ll find it.

To decrease downtime, ProLift brings our mobile tire service truck to you. Tell us the type and number of forklift tires you need replaced, and we’ll send a trained technician to you, equipped to press tires at your site.

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forklift tire
forklift tire replacement

Evaluating Your Forklift Tires For Replacement

It’s easy to assume forklift tire maintenance will be manageable and budget-friendly; however, unless the tire experiences major damage, forklift tire replacement is often overlooked. Regularly evaluating your forklift tires for replacement will help decrease accidents and operator fatigue. How To Evaluate Forklift Tires Forklift Tires: Chunking When a forklift tire loses part of its […]

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Toyota Parts & Service

Keep your Toyota a Toyota! Your forklifts are a key aspect to the supply chain. Toyotas are built using the Toyota Production System (TPS) and your forklift comes off the line equipped with Toyota Genuine Parts.

Get the leading forklift parts warranty in the industry. Toyota Genuine Parts include a 2 year / 4,000 hrs warranty. If our ProLift service technician installs the part, labor is included.

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Tire Application Survey

Do you have the right forklift tire for your application? If your forklift tires seem to wear out too quickly it could be time to consider another option.

Our equipment specialists are available for a complimentary, on-site tire application survey. Request yours today!

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forklift tire
forklift tires

Forklift Tire Options

What type of forklift tire is best suited for my application? Some forklifts use only a specific tire, but if restrictions are not an issue, it is important to know the best forklift tire options for your application. Forklift Cushion Tires Cushion tired forklifts have a tire that is made by bonding rubber to a […]

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