forklift fleet management reports

Forklift Fleet Management Reports and How to Utilize Them

Companies invest in forklift fleet management for unique reasons, spanning from tracking real-time utilization of a forklift to measuring impacts that cause equipment damage and repairs. For many, knowing the actual activity of a forklift and/or forklift operator is the first step in determining the cost of operating a fleet. Fleet Management Expectations To make […]

forklift fleet management system

Using a Forklift Fleet Management System to Realign Your Forklift Fleet

As your business experiences change, your operations may expand or be redesigned. These changes affect daily operations that may prompt a realignment of your forklift fleet. Using a forklift fleet management system to track the operating behavior of a forklift and/or forklift operation will help to highlight areas within your facility that need a revamp. […]

forklift fleet management

Fleet Management: Do You Know the Real Cost of Your Forklift Fleet?

The acquisition cost of a forklift is only one factor in the overall cost of ownership. The majority of costs involve operating and maintenance expenses. While fleet management is widely known in the trucking industry, it is also a big advantage to companies using it for their forklifts and other material handling assets. Oftentimes, implementing […]

forklift fleet management

Should You Reduce Your Forklift Fleet?

It’s important to have forklifts when you need them and where you need them to keep your production on schedule. However, it’s also important to invest only in equipment that you need to keep your budget in line for forklift maintenance and labor costs. Implementing forklift fleet management will help you find the optimum balance […]