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High Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase Forklift Rental

Toyota’s High Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase unit is an internal combustion engine cushion forklift ideal for rigging, steel and general manufacturing applications. This unit also includes a quick-change system for forks and boom attachment. The High Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase forklift can be purchased for lifting capacities as low as 15,000 lbs and as great as 80,000 […]


Forklift Rental Purchase Option: Is It To Your Advantage?

If you have a long-term need, but are not ready to commit to purchasing equipment, a forklift rental purchase option (RPO) is a solution for your company. A rental purchase option allows your company to put portions of your monthly rental payment toward the purchase of the equipment, but doesn’t commit you to the acquisition. […]

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Avoid Surprises on Your Forklift Rental Invoice

The project is over. Your forklift rental was picked up and now you’re scanning the invoice. Unfortunately, there’s a line item you don’t recall discussing when securing the rental. You make a mental note to call the dealer in the morning – one more thing to do! The unique operations of rental providers may cause […]

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Forklift Rental: What To Expect When You Rent

A need for a forklift can be immediate or planned. Immediate needs can occur due to broken equipment, seasonal needs, or unexpected demand while planned needs are usually a result of bidding, contractual projects. For immediate needs, short-term projects and specialty lifts, the solution is renting. Forklifts can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly to […]

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Forklift Rental Prices

Along with selling new and used forklifts, ProLift offers forklift rentals. Using a rental is ideal when the need for a forklift is limited – as short as 1 day – or you have a sudden or unexpected need. What Is Included in the Forklift Rental Price? Forklift Maintenance Each time a forklift comes off […]

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When to Choose a Forklift Rental Versus Purchase

When production at your company begins to gradually increase or a short-term project is announced, whether or not to invest in lift equipment is a key question. Use these questions to determine if you should rent lift equipment versus a purchase.

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Why Should You Schedule a Forklift Demo?

If you were purchasing a car, would you skip the test drive? No! Taking the car for a drive gives you the opportunity to check out what you are buying from the gas mileage to the convenient sunglasses holder. So why would you skip a forklift demo? On paper, a forklift may appear to have […]

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Forklift Rental Maintenance

When renting a forklift, who is responsible for a forklift rental’s maintenance? At ProLift, we as the forklift dealer oversee the planned maintenance and normal “wear & tear” service repairs for your forklift rental. To ensure reliable forklift rentals are available to our customers, we have put quality assurance checks in place. Forklift Rental: Quality […]

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Should You Borrow or Lend a Forklift?

When you don’t need a forklift on a regular basis, it can be tempting to save money for a rental and borrow a forklift. If you own a forklift, it’s also understandable that you would want to help a neighbor with their quick lifting need. But, using a forklift owned by another business puts both […]

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Reserving a Forklift Rental

How far in advance should I reserve my forklift rental? At ProLift, we are ready to meet your emergency and planned forklift rental needs. Unfortunately, breakdowns do happen and we understand waiting days for a rental isn’t an option. With a rental in stock, we can prep and schedule your delivery the next day, sometimes […]

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How to Remove the Wrong Forklift Rental from Your Production

My company has a forklift rental but I’ve realized the equipment isn’t fitting our production needs. What steps do I take to secure a better rental? Having the wrong forklift may be noticed immediately after receiving the rental or several weeks later. Your company may also find a rental isn’t sufficient after a production change […]

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Reporting Issues with Forklift Rentals

Our forklift rental gets stuck in gravel when being operated outside. This issue happens almost daily and our operators are frustrated. How can we prevent this from happening? A forklift that consistently gets stuck in gravel is an indicator of it having the wrong tires for your application. While cushion tires are ideal for warehouse […]