used forklift dealer

Choosing a Forklift Dealer versus a Wholesaler for Your Used Forklift Needs

When you’re responsible for keeping the department’s budget in line, every major purchase matters. It’s tempting to let price be the deciding factor when purchasing a used forklift, but this may only be a short-term gain. Considering the impact your forklift has on daily production, it must be safe and reliable. Used Forklift Reconditioning A […]

used forklift lease

Used Forklift Lease

Purchasing a used forklift, but don’t have a budget to pay the full amount upfront? Your company can secure a used forklift lease. Types of Used Forklift Leases $1 option: After financing during a specified term, this forklift lease allows your company to own the used forklift. FMV: A full market value lease (FMV) also […]

used forklift reconditioning

How to Choose a Used Forklift Warranty

New forklift equipment offers a standard warranty from the manufacturer; however, used forklift equipment may present you with a variety of options. Details of a used forklift warranty, including items repaired and period of coverage will differ by seller. How can you choose the best used forklift warranty for your company? Evaluate Forklift Production Hours […]

age of a used forklift

How Important is the Age of a Used Forklift?

A search for used forklifts will produce a variety of results. Before making your final selection, you’ll need to compare several factors about the forklifts, including age. So, how important is the age of a used forklift? Used Forklift Hours of Usage A forklift life cycle is calculated by hours of usage, not age. Most […]

purchasing a forklift

Four Ways To Keep A Forklift Purchase In Your Budget

The purchase of a forklift is a major investment for any company. Depending on options and fuel type, new forklifts may range from $25,000 – $35,000. With the pressure of the economy and the need to increase the company’s bottom line, replacing or adding to your current forklift fleet may seem impossible. However, four common […]

used forklift safety

Used Forklift Safety

I’m purchasing a used forklift. How do I ensure it’s in safe working condition?   You’ll find several sources promoting used forklifts both locally and online. Each source has their own standards for reconditioning forklifts, making it important the evaluation and/or repairs are transparent. Used Forklift Safety Checklist At a minimum, ProLift guarantees our used […]

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Buying a Used Forklift

When buying a used forklift instead of new equipment, a buyer faces the dilemma of picking a reliable unit. How can you differentiate between two similar used forklifts for sale, especially when they are being sold by different sellers? Choosing a Used Forklift Forklift Availability Begin your used forklift comparison with the dealership’s quote proposal, […]

used forklift reconditioning

Buyer Beware: Used Forklift Reconditioning

Purchasing a used forklift can be intimidating. Ordering new equipment offers security in the condition of the forklift; however, a used forklift doesn’t often come with a detailed history of usage and repairs. How can you ensure your budget dollars go toward a reliable investment? Request a Used Forklift Condition Report Knowing the current status […]