forklift uprights

Forklift Uprights

A forklift upright has five main components which work together to achieve lift. Most uprights have a number stamped onto the stationary outer-rail assembly or on a tag attached to the outer rail. The number identifies the model and type of upright, which can be referred to for a variety of reasons, including ordering compatible […]

Forklift mast

Selecting a Forklift Mast

Forklift masts are basic components of a forklift, but depending on your warehouse design, it’s important you have the correct mast type. There are four basic types of forklift masts: standard, duplex, triple stage and quad. Before purchasing your forklift, whether new or used, research the measurements required for your warehouse and daily operation. Forklift […]

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Why You Should Avoid Reaching Through a Forklift Mast

Each year we learn about operator injuries & fatalities involving forklift masts. What are the main causes of these forklift accidents? During his 23 years of training at Toyota Forklift and ProLift, John Smith has heard several stories of forklift accidents involving the mast. Two causes stand out to him – an unstable load and […]

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Forklift Mast Specifications

A forklift mast has five main components which work together to achieve lift. Forklift operators and service personnel must know the dimensional forklift mast specifications to ensure their equipment’s assembly is not too tall for a work area. Forklift Mast: Operating Specification Terms Overall Height Lowered (OAHL) The distance from the floor to the top […]


Forklift Mast Types

What type of mast do you need for your forklift? This may be a question posed to you during your next forklift purchase. Understanding the types of masts available and what each can do is helpful for selection. Below ProLift has defined the four basic types of uprights and masts: standard, duplex, triple stage and […]