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Forklift Leasing: How Long Should You Lease?

You’ve weighed the pros and cons of leasing your forklift versus a purchase and have decided to lease. Historically your company has selected a 5-year term; however, a shorter term lease could benefit your production and budget. Consider these factors when determining the length of your lease term: Forklift Lease Utilization The typical lease includes […]

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Forklift Off-Lease Evaluation

When choosing a forklift lease, the length of the lease must be determined. For most businesses the leasing period is 3-5 years and is based on several factors, including forklift utilization and lease payment. Prior to the lease expiration a forklift off-lease evaluation is performed. What is a Forklift Off-Lease Evaluation? The purpose of the […]

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Forklift Leasing versus Forklift Purchase

During the purchase of a new or used forklift, your company will be presented with financing options. Forklift leasing is a common business practice, and working with a forklift dealer to review the types of forklift leases, various terms and payments will help determine the best long-term purchase decision. Why Choose Forklift Leasing? While there […]

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Used Forklift Lease

Purchasing a used forklift, but don’t have a budget to pay the full amount upfront? Your company can secure a used forklift lease. Types of Used Forklift Leases $1 option: After financing during a specified term, this forklift lease allows your company to own the used forklift. FMV: A full market value lease (FMV) also […]