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Training Your Operators on Forklift Plugging

A forklift feature designed to decrease wear and tear on forklift brakes, forklift plugging gives operators the ability to change direction of a forklift with an accelerator pedal and directional selector. Forklift plugging is also referred to as regenerative braking, regen or switch-back. Plugging on an Electric Forklift versus Engine Powered Forklift Engine powered forklifts […]

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Is Your Forklift Designed for Forklift Plugging?

If your forklift is battery powered, it is very likely that plugging is a good practice, but engine powered forklifts should not be plugged. Forklift plugging, also known as regenerative braking, regen or switch-back, allows operators to change direction of the forklift using only the directional controller and accelerator pedal. By eliminating the use of […]

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Evaluating Your Forklift Tires For Replacement

It’s easy to assume forklift tire maintenance will be manageable and budget-friendly; however, unless the tire experiences major damage, forklift tire replacement is often overlooked. Regularly evaluating your forklift tires for replacement will help decrease accidents and operator fatigue. How To Evaluate Forklift Tires Forklift Tires: Chunking When a forklift tire loses part of its […]

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Forklift Tire Options

What type of forklift tire is best suited for my application? Some forklifts use only a specific tire, but if restrictions are not an issue, it is important to know the best forklift tire options for your application. Forklift Cushion Tires Cushion tired forklifts have a tire that is made by bonding rubber to a […]

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Operating a Forklift with a Damaged Overhead Guard

Our forklift was in an accident and now has a damaged overhead guard (OHG). The Service Manager tagged out the forklift, but another manager requested it be placed back on the production floor. What is the right decision?   Forklift OHG: OSHA Requirements OSHA is clear that a damaged or malfunctioning forklift be tagged out […]

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Forklift Plugging

Forklift plugging is common practice that should be encouraged for its benefit of reducing brake wear. What is forklift plugging? Plugging, also called regenerative braking, regen or switch-back, occurs when an operator traveling in one direction uses the directional selector to switch to the opposite direction. The motor control circuit, motor and forklift battery combine […]

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Toyota Forklift Parts

Why should I pay more for Toyota forklift parts? Quality forklift parts keep your equipment running efficiently in production, and like other manufacturers, Toyota provides original equipment manufacturer (OEM) forklift parts. Toyota Genuine Parts are more expensive than aftermarket forklift parts; however, the upfront cost provides long-term value. Benefits of Toyota Forklift Parts Increased Warranty […]

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Exchanging Forklift Parts

When it’s no longer cost effective to repair an older forklift, you may consider exchanging forklift parts with another forklift in your fleet. The exchange can offer a short-term fix, but long-term reliability and safety may be negatively impacted. Forklift Parts Reliability Used forklift parts can affect reliability and suitability for fast paced, high reliability […]

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What You Should Know Before Buying Forklift Parts

Just as you will have to replace filters and tires on your personal vehicle, your company will have to invest in the replacement of forklift parts. The parts placed on your forklift will play a factor in keeping production on schedule and your employees safe. Forklift Parts Replacement Make and model of your forklift This […]

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Why You Should Avoid Reaching Through a Forklift Mast

Each year we learn about operator injuries & fatalities involving forklift masts. What are the main causes of these forklift accidents? During his 23 years of training at Toyota Forklift and ProLift, John Smith has heard several stories of forklift accidents involving the mast. Two causes stand out to him – an unstable load and […]

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Reporting Issues with Forklift Rentals

Our forklift rental gets stuck in gravel when being operated outside. This issue happens almost daily and our operators are frustrated. How can we prevent this from happening? A forklift that consistently gets stuck in gravel is an indicator of it having the wrong tires for your application. While cushion tires are ideal for warehouse […]

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Weight Limits for Forklift Operators

What are the weight limits for forklift operators that drive a Toyota Forklift? For a Toyota Forklift, there is not a weight limit for forklift operators. However, optional forklift features such as retractable seat belts, adjustable seat positions and tilt columns can accommodate various body types. Federal Law Regulation Physical size may limit some forklift […]