Forklift Hydraulics: Types of Cylinders

There are at least three cylinders used on a forklift: lift cylinder, tilt cylinder and the power steering cylinder. Forklift Hydraulics: Lift Cylinder The lift cylinder(s) accepts the largest volume of fluid flow or gallons-per-minute (GPM). It is a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, pushing in only one direction. The control valve directs fluid to the cylinder […]

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Benefits of eCommerce Forklift Parts

As more of us shop online for products we need for home, we look for businesses that can do the same in the forklift and material handling industry. Forklift manufacturers, including Toyota Material Handling, have increased focus on technology and eCommerce forklift parts, and customers are embracing having information at their fingertips. Benefits of Using […]

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Top 5 Forklift Replacement Parts

During planned maintenance or a forklift service breakdown, forklift parts are often replaced to keep your equipment running efficiently. The most popular forklift replacement parts are not major components but their role is important in protecting major parts and keeping your operators safe. Forklift Replacement Parts Listed in descending order, Toyota Material Handling reports these […]

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Fork Position of a Forklift

Do you know the best fork position on your forklift? Knowing the correct answer may seem insignificant, but it is a skill that requires education of the operator as well as enforcement of the rules. It reduces accidents, but more importantly reduces the severity of injuries when accidents do happen. Forks: Driving Due to the operator’s […]

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The Basics of Forklift Attachments

Sometimes a pair of forks doesn’t work for the load you need to handle on a forklift. For these loads, a forklift attachment adds flexibility. Attachments are designed by category; however, the options within each category can be extensive. Selecting a Forklift Attachment How do you want to handle the load? What is the weight […]

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Forklift Mast Specifications

A forklift mast has five main components which work together to achieve lift. Forklift operators and service personnel must know the dimensional forklift mast specifications to ensure their equipment’s assembly is not too tall for a work area. Forklift Mast: Operating Specification Terms Overall Height Lowered (OAHL) The distance from the floor to the top […]


Forklift Mast Types

What type of mast do you need for your forklift? This may be a question posed to you during your next forklift purchase. Understanding the types of masts available and what each can do is helpful for selection. Below ProLift has defined the four basic types of uprights and masts: standard, duplex, triple stage and […]

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How Important is a Forklift Operator Seat Belt?

Seat belts save lives, which is why their usage is not an option. A forklift seat belt helps to prevent the most common human reaction during a tip-over … to jump! An operator’s panicked attempt to get away puts him at great risk for being crushed under a multi-ton machine. Forklift Tip-Overs Tip-over accidents claim, […]

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Forklift Seat Belt Requirement

What safety precautions are required if we own a forklift designed prior to the seat belt requirement? OSHA does not directly address seat belt requirements in federal regulation 1910.178. When the law does not directly answer an issue, OSHA letters of interpretation become the next resource to offer a clearer explanation. Forklift Seat Belt Retro-Fit Kit Seat […]

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Forklift Drive Components

Forklift drive components convert mechanical energy produced by the power plant to drive motion. The components gear the revolutions per minute (RPM) to a rate that, when delivered to the wheels, provides smooth, efficient rotation. Below is an overview: Forklift Transmission A transmission is a set of gears, including a change gear and a drive […]

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Damaged Forklift Operator Seats

Can you imagine riding in your car on a torn seat during an 8-hour road trip? When we do not periodically replace damaged forklift operator seats, we are essentially asking the same of our operators – every shift, every day. How does a damaged forklift operator seat affect production? Forklift Operator Ergonomics The loss of the […]

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Forklift Mast Assembly Repair and Operator Safety

If a forklift mast has sufficient structural strength to lift a pallet of brick, what could it do to an arm or leg? It can be said an accident with a forklift mast is worse than losing a limb to a guillotine because a guillotine has a sharp edge. A forklift mast assembly can destroy […]