forklift emergency service

Forklift Emergency Service

If your company runs multiple work shifts that extend into evening or weekend hours, you may find yourself in an emergency situation caused by a forklift breakdown.  What options do you have for continuing production? What is forklift emergency service? Every location of ProLift offers forklift emergency service via toll-free phone number to customers. Available […]

electric forklift maintanence

Electric Forklift Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is an advantage often mentioned about electric forklifts. However, like internal combustion forklifts, regular intervals for electric forklift maintenance help decrease breakdowns. What are the most important items to inspect during electric forklift maintenance? Motor Cables Every modern forklift has at least 2 electric motors that have a minimum of 3 cables […]

forklift tire replacement

Evaluating Your Forklift Tires For Replacement

It’s easy to assume forklift tire maintenance will be manageable and budget-friendly; however, unless the tire experiences major damage, forklift tire replacement is often overlooked. Regularly evaluating your forklift tires for replacement will help decrease accidents and operator fatigue. How To Evaluate Forklift Tires Forklift Tires: Chunking When a forklift tire loses part of its […]

forklift tail swing

Forklift Tail Swing

A forklift counterweight can show the failure in design and layout of a facility. Unlike automobiles, forklifts steer from the rear. This design creates a forklift tail swing during turns, moving the rear of the forklift to the opposite side of the turn. Pedestrians and fixed objects such as walls, racking and products are at risk […]

forklift technician compensation

Forklift Technician Advantages

Across North America, material handling dealerships have openings for forklift technicians. The role is a stable career that offers competitive compensation and work/life balance. Work/Life Balance Because dealerships support business customers with their forklift service, several forklift technician openings are 1st shift which gives you a consistent work schedule. “Our technicians that made the transition […]

forklift maintenance

Budgeting for Forklift Maintenance

Like a forklift purchase, budgeting forklift maintenance is also part of your annual budget. While every company will have a unique cost based on their usage and application, three areas can assist you with budgeting. Monthly Operating Hours Planned maintenance (PM) is typically every 250 – 500 operating hours, depending on your application and work […]

forklift service technician

Dispatching a Forklift Service Technician

Our forklift broke down and I’m not sure why. What should I expect if I agree to a forklift repair and have a technician dispatched to our facility? When your forklift breaks down, several questions arise – Why did the forklift stop running? How long will the forklift be down? How much is the forklift […]

forklift abuse

Common Signals of Forklift Abuse

“Our forklift repairs have increased and we have maxed out our budget only 6 months into the year. How do I determine which repairs are for normal wear and when the damage is caused by forklift abuse?” When an operator or the application a forklift operates puts a forklift in a situation that causes equipment […]

mechanic wearing a black Prolift Toyota cap works on a forklift breakdown

Forklift Breakdown and Emergency Service

Every forklift promotion mentions reasons why I could experience a forklift breakdown. Isn’t this just a scare tactic so I’ll spend money with your dealership? Admittedly, ProLift wants to be a company’s first call when a forklift breakdown occurs; however, forklift downtime is a true concern that can bring negative consequences to your bottom line. […]

Watering Forklift Battery

Watering Forklift Batteries

Our forklift battery needs water. Should I add the water before or after its charge? You should add water to the forklift battery after its charge. Typically, batteries need watering 1x / weekly. Adding Water to the Forklift Battery To illustrate, imagine that you have a full glass of water. You stick a sponge in […]

forklift cost of ownership

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Forklift?

As service invoices stack up for your used forklift, it may be time to consider forklift replacement. To determine if the service costs are reasonable and easily explained, follow these best practices. Forklift Cost Per Hour Many companies struggle to justify the purchase of a new forklift because the current one is paid in full. […]

forklift technician job

Becoming a Forklift Technician

Most people in the community haven’t heard that Toyota builds forklifts. The manufacturer produced its first forklift in 1956 and has been the #1 selling forklift in the United States since 2002. Even with its strong reputation in the industry, Toyota forklift dealers continue to struggle with finding an abundance of forklift technicians. Required Mechanical […]