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Forklift UL Ratings

OSHA requires all new forklifts, both internal combustion (IC) and electric, be inspected by an independent testing laboratory for their ability to avoid causing a fire in the workplace. Toyota Material Handling and several other forklift manufacturers use Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for all testing. Others use Factory Mutual (FM). Forklift UL Rating Levels There are […]

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Electric Forklift Motor

What Is an Electric Forklift Motor? An electric forklift motor is a device that converts electro-chemical energy, provided by an industrial battery, into mechanical energy. An electric forklift motor must provide motion for the unit – forward, reverse, up and down – as well as power other items such as hydraulic pumps and electrical components. […]

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Forklift Safety and Warehouse Housekeeping

Forklifts are used in various environments. They are exposed to shrink wrap, banding materials and other debris from the manufacturing and warehouse process, which makes housekeeping important to the safe and proper operation of a forklift. Warehouse Housekeeping OSHA CFR1910.143(a)(3) Housekeeping. All places of employment shall be kept clean to the extent that the nature […]