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Forklift Tire Replacement: Bad Forklift Tires Equal a Bad Ride

Bad forklift tires can be a serious safety issue that creates stability issues for the forklift and its load, but forklift tire replacement is often overlooked. Forklift Tire Design Forklifts do not utilize suspension systems with springs or air-ride similar to over-the-road trucks. They use a suspension system much like a farm tractor. The front […]

forklift tire replacement

Evaluating Your Forklift Tires For Replacement

It’s easy to assume forklift tire maintenance will be manageable and budget-friendly; however, unless the tire experiences major damage, forklift tire replacement is often overlooked. Regularly evaluating your forklift tires for replacement will help decrease accidents and operator fatigue. How To Evaluate Forklift Tires Forklift Tires: Chunking When a forklift tire loses part of its […]

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Forklift Tire Options

What type of forklift tire is best suited for my application? Some forklifts use only a specific tire, but if restrictions are not an issue, it is important to know the best forklift tire options for your application. Forklift Cushion Tires Cushion tired forklifts have a tire that is made by bonding rubber to a […]

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Reporting Issues with Forklift Rentals

Our forklift rental gets stuck in gravel when being operated outside. This issue happens almost daily and our operators are frustrated. How can we prevent this from happening? A forklift that consistently gets stuck in gravel is an indicator of it having the wrong tires for your application. While cushion tires are ideal for warehouse […]

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Forklift Drive Components

Forklift drive components convert mechanical energy produced by the power plant to drive motion. The components gear the revolutions per minute (RPM) to a rate that, when delivered to the wheels, provides smooth, efficient rotation. Below is an overview: Forklift Transmission A transmission is a set of gears, including a change gear and a drive […]