forklift oil leak

Forklift Oil Leaks

Are you spotting forklift oil on the warehouse floor? Or, is forklift oil being replenished every two weeks to manage a leak? Forklift oil leaks are bothersome and depending on the source of a forklift oil leak, the repair can be expensive. If the leak isn’t resolved easily with a hose or O-ring replacement, the issue […]

carbon monoxide

Forklift Carbon Monoxide Levels

As the weather cools, companies become diligent about keeping heating costs down. Doors, windows and vents are closed and air exchanges systems are shut down. However, production continues to run for the forklifts. When equipment is propane powered, carbon monoxide levels can build inside the warehouse or office area. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, […]

forklift brake replacement

Forklift Brake Inspection & Replacement

Before every work shift, forklift operators are required to perform a pre-shift inspection. One item of focus is the brakes. Malfunction of the forklift brakes can result in serious damage, injury or death, making regular inspection a must. Forklift Brake Inspection While an operator’s inspection is limited, basic functionality can be tested. It is important […]

forklift inspection

The Basics of a Pre-Shift Forklift Inspection

When attending a forklift safety class, heavy focus is placed on accidents and preventative measures. Operator safety and skills need attention, but your company must also emphasize the importance of forklift inspection and maintenance. OSHA Guidelines for Forklift Inspection Pre-shift forklift inspections are required by federal law. It states “Industrial trucks shall be examined before […]

forklift operator seat

Damaged Forklift Operator Seats

Can you imagine riding in your car on a torn seat during an 8-hour road trip? When we do not periodically replace damaged forklift operator seats, we are essentially asking the same of our operators – every shift, every day. How does a damaged forklift operator seat affect production? Forklift Operator Ergonomics The loss of the […]