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Seasonal Benefits to Installing HVLS Industrial Fans

Many people dread working in warehouse conditions that can be intolerable at times. Still today, many warehouses are operating with standard industrial fans that seem to be no match for Mother Nature’s extreme climate. An energy efficient High Velocity Low Speed (HVLS) industrial fan offers a change in your warehouse. Summer Cooling The days of […]

HVLS industrial fan

Making the Investment and Upgrade to a High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Fan

A high volume low speed industrial fan has become the effective solution for circulating large amounts of air while keeping energy costs low. The HVLS industrial fan is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories, distribution centers and gymnasiums. Seasonal Benefits of HVLS Industrial Fans Employees dread working in warehouse conditions that can be intolerable at […]

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Lighting Requirements For Your Warehouse and Forklift Operation

Have you ever walked through a dark warehouse? It can be intimidating. That feeling occurs because the risk to your well-being is real. An electric forklift, which is designed to operate quietly, traveling at a high speed, may not be noticed … until it strikes you. OSHA Warehouse Lighting Requirements Per OSHA, companies are required […]

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Air Curtains Create Needed Barrier

Air curtains create a laminar airflow that is projected over the opening of a doorway. This “curtain” of air acts as an invisible barrier that won’t let air flow through it. Conditioned air from the inside of the door that would normally escape when the door is opened is instead diverted back inside when it […]

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Why Replace High Speed Doors?

In the manufacturing industry, each minute of production is important to meet customer deadlines. We are also faced with the challenge of staying within budget and providing a safe working environment despite the fast pace. How do our high speed doors meet the challenge? Doors move at a rate up to 8 feet per second Soft […]

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6 Reasons to Upgrade to High Efficiency Lighting

Many companies are discovering their latest budget savings with energy saving products and high efficiency lighting is part of the “Go Green” movement. The product is a benefit to the environment and provides long-term results in decreasing company overhead. High Efficiency Lighting Benefits Energy Savings High-intensity discharge (HID) lamps need temperatures above 500 degrees Fahrenheit […]

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Placement of a High Velocity Low Speed (HVLS) Industrial Fan

We installed a high velocity low speed (HVLS) industrial fan in our warehouse, but our employees haven’t noticed a difference. Did we purchase the wrong fan? Just as having the right size and best number of warehouse fans is important, the placement of the fan also matters to its effectiveness. The overall goal is to […]