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Skid Steer Safety Training Requirements

Skid steer loaders are popular devices used to move loose materials and for light excavation. With a bevy of attachments, they are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment today. Used in construction, skid steers are also used for industrial applications. Their reputation for adaptability and taking abuse makes them attractive devices for various […]

terminal tractor

Terminal Tractor Safety Inspection Outside the Cab

My company uses a terminal tractor to move semi-trailers at the warehouse. As an operator, which items should be inspected prior to getting in the cab? Like forklifts and other warehouse equipment, a terminal tractor, also referred to as a spotter truck or yard truck, will have an operator manual at its delivery. Reviewing the […]

transporting a forklift

Transporting a Forklift, Keeping It Safe & Damage-Free

Whether transporting a forklift that’s new, or one that’s been in the shop for service, when your equipment comes to the dock for delivery it should meet your expectations. Transportation plays a big role in the process. ProLift takes the necessary steps to safely deliver your forklift. Decrease Obstacles The first step to avoid damaging […]