PowerBoss Scrubbers & Sweepers Reduce Slips, Trips, Falls, and Lifting Injuries in the Workplace

When addressing workplace safety, it is important to pinpoint the source of the most commonly occurring injuries. Slips, trips, and falls frequently occur, however they can be one of the most overlooked. Additionally, lifting and repeated motions can cause stress-related trauma, also known as “Lifting Injuries”. In order to reduce the risks posed to employees and the organization, it is necessary to identify the two main injury categories and devise a solution. 


The PowerBoss lineup of Scrubbers & Sweepers provides efficient and effective cleaning for any work environment. The features, advantages, and benefits are broken down into two categories. The first are injuries resulting from trips, slips and falls. The second is lifting injuries resulting from strenuous tasks and repetitive motions related to maintaining a safe working environment in a warehouse.


Reducing Slips, Trips and Falls 

A PowerBoss Scrubber/Sweeper can ensure a safe and clean floor in one pass, eliminating the potential of injuries due to clutter, debris, or a wet and slippery surface. This is achieved by using an industrial squeegee and stainless-steel scrubbing deck, preventing the common issue of water streaks that other floor scrubbers typically leave behind. The floor will be clean from spills and debris, and the scrubber will ensure that the surface is dry and safe.  


Eliminating lifting injuries 

These cleaning machines not only keep floors clean and free of clutter, but they also have features that make them more efficient and protect workers. With a stainless-steel hydraulic lift hopper, employees can use the automatic hopper by simply pressing a button, reducing the risk of injury and increasing output. 


Why choose PowerBoss industrial cleaning solutions 

The PowerBoss lineup of Scrubbers & Sweepers is designed to make cleaning quicker and more efficient. They feature a range of advanced cleaning technologies, such as high-speed scrubbing and sweeping, dust control systems, and adjustable handle heights to make cleaning more ergonomic. The lineup also includes additional features such as cordless operation, automatic water control, and obstacle detection to help avoid collisions and reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, the scrubbers & sweepers offer advanced safety features such as automatic emergency shutoff, audible alarms, and anti-slip surfaces to help ensure the safety of employees while they work. With the PowerBoss lineup of Scrubbers & Sweepers, businesses can maintain a clean, safe, and productive environment. 


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